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  1. Nice post Mark, I've featured it! 


    Here are some friendly tips on how you can make your post even better (and more likely to get featured again):

    • References are important! Add links to news sites, Wikipedia entries, blog posts, etc., that supports the claims you make in your article.
    • Everyone likes photos! So add an Entry image next time.
    • Tags, tags, and more tags!
    • Different categories for your posts are also useful.

  2. there’s one only way to reduce this: continuous investments to the sector, that can come from governments or private companies


    This. So very much this. Thanks to investments and research since the early days of the industrial revolution the fossil fuel/energy industry has gained an immense advantage over renewables when it comes to costs vs output and so on. 


    The International Energy Agency (IEA) has calculated that between 2012 and 2035 the cumulative worldwide investment into new fossil-fuel processes and extraction will total an estimated $22.87 trillion. During the same period, investment in renewables, and even nuclear energy (not a renewable energy source), will amount to only $7.32 trillion [source].


    We need to substantially increase our investments in both research and new renewable energy while at the same time completely slash our investments and subsidies for fossil fuels.