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  1. Dolphins and whales need our help!!!

    I totally agree with you.
  2. Six Degrees

    I got a new book called Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet at the end of last week. And to tell you the truth I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Whenever I get a free moment I try to read a few pages more. It is such a great book! Mark Lynas is the author of the book. He has also written High Tide, a superb book too (which I have also read). But what is this new book all about then? The title of the book is Six Degrees because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that at the end of this century global temperatures would have risen by between 1.4°C and 5.8°C (this worst-case scenario was raised to 6.4°C earlier this year). My idea was to piece together all the available scientific projections for the impacts of this warming on a degree-by-degree basis, with a chapter for 1 degree, 2 degrees and so on up the scale. The book is easy to read, easy to understand, interesting and just plain great. You don’t need to be a scientist to understand this book. It is written so that you and me can fully understand it. If you are only thinking of buying one book this year then you should buy Six Degrees. If you aren’t thinking of buying any book at all please consider long (not too long) and hard about buying this book. Buy the book to your friends and families, I know I will. Buy Six Degrees: - Friends of the Earth - - (This title will be released on January 22, 2008.) Reviews of Six Degrees: - The Independent, review by Marek Kohn on 13 April 2007. - The Sunday Times, review by Fred Pearce on 8 April. - Daily Mail, review by Hephzibah Anderson on 30 March. - Guardian, review by Josh Lacey on 14 April. - New Statesman, review by Johann Hari on 2 April. - Financial Times, review by Ludovic Hunter-Tilney on 7 April.
  3. Video: The Convenient Solution

    A short film about climate change, energy and nuclear power. If you're confused about whether we need nuclear power to stop climate change, take nine minutes of your time to watch our new film. It doesn't just explain why nuclear power can't stop climate change - it also points the way to a better, cheaper, more convenient solution. ">
  4. Global warming deniers (comic)

    Pretty funny!
  5. Could London Become Plastic Free? ... _ban_p.php What are your thoughts about this? I think it's a great idea that more cities and countries should consider.
  6. Nightclubs Going Green

    Al Gore’s Live Earth concerts used music to send the ‘green’ message. Nightclubs are now sending their own ‘green’ messages by implementing innovative ways to ‘green-up’ their facilities. Experts say that the average nightclub consumes 140 times the energy of an average household. Some ‘eco-chic’ clubs are taking steps to combat this usage by using dancefloors that generate electricity and stationary bikes that power the DJ booth. Despite these steps, some are skeptical. "Without them providing an estimate of energy reduction or environmental impact, it seems like hype to me," said Texas Tech University professor Glenn Hill, a specialist in sustainable architecture. But clubs are continuing to make the effort. Greenhouse, a new Manhattan nightclub, is applying for LEED certification through the U.S. Green Building Council for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The space will be crafted from recycled materials and have the feel of a flashy nature preserve, complete with a huge waterfall and a ceiling made of live plants. Chicago's Butterfly Social Club features a bicycle pedaled by the employees to power the DJ booth and drink machines. The club also uses solar panels and makes most of the drinks instead of buying canned drinks. Apparently going ‘green’ can make green. From ... ?a=242&z=4
  7. The Wind

    We normally don't do commercials here on the Green Blog but this commercial is so funny that we just have to share it with you. Enjoy! ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="550" height="453">
  8. Video: Interview with Al Gore

    Here is an swedish interview with Al Gore about Live Earth and the future after it. They also talk about how to fight global warming with taxes on Co2 that we have here in Sweden and other ways. Don't worry, they speak english.
  9. Climate change and trace gases

    Warning: This is a scientific article (Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society, Volume 365, Number 1856 / 15 July 2007), not journalism. The full article is also available in PDF[/url:56870]. Here's the Abstract for you, with my emphasized parts: ... ltext.html via Newsvine[/url:56870]
  10. Hi everyone!

    Hi and welcome everyone! Thanks for joining!
  11. The 11th Hour

    I hope it will come available on DVD asap. Yes, I really hopes so. By the way: Here is the official site for The 11th Hour[/url:c9d15]. Enjoy!
  12. 7 steps towards energy saving

    Ohh I have already gotten it.
  13. We will most likely see larger than previously expected increases in sea levels over the next century according to a recent study conducted by a team of researchers from the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado, Boulder. They anticipate that the global warming-induced melting of mountain glaciers and ice caps will account for the brunt of that rise, as much as 2-3 times more than the amount originally predicted. The scientists used satellite monitoring to determine the contribution of all land-based ice (except for Greenland and Antarctica's huge ice sheets) to rising sea levels and found that the volume of ice melting into the sea each year from ice caps and glaciers was 100 cubic miles (or 417 cubic km). They determined, however, that this volume had now increased by a further 3 cubic miles each year, prompted by an acceleration in the rate at which the ice caps and glaciers are melting. Unlike what many other scientists have said — including, most prominently, NASA's James Hansen (who believes that a rise in 17 inches by 2100 will be mainly precipitated by the melting of ice sheets) — the authors of this study believe that the loss of ice from glaciers and ice caps will account for the majority of the expected rise in sea levels. "One reason for doing this study is the widely held view that the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets will be the principal cause of sea-level rise. But we show that it is the glaciers and ice caps, not the two large ice sheets, that will be the big players in the sea rise for at least the next few generations," said Mark Meier, the study's lead scientist. These latest results also run counter to the IPCC's own recent estimates, which predicted a rise in sea levels of about 3 inches (7.6 cm) this century (much too low, it now appears). This study, which does not take into account the likely contributions of the thermal expansion of water and the melting of ice sheets, suggests that sea levels will increase by an average of 4 - 9.5 inches and, when those last two events are factored in, by as much as 12 in. via TreeHugger[/url:f48ea]
  14. Anyone here planning on upgrading to Windows Vista?

    I won't upgrade to Vista until I need a new computer. So let say I get Vista in 4 years or something? The best thing is to wait until all (well the majority then) the bugs in Vista has been fixed.
  15. Six Degrees

    Short interview with Mark Lynas, the author of Six Degrees, can be found here: Mark Lynas - Six questions in six minutes[/url:f2746]
  16. Six Degrees

    I just got this book yesterday. It's an awesome book that everyone interested in global warming/climate change and what effects it has and will have on our earth should read. [url:fabb7][/url:fabb7]
  17. SOS Live Earth: Dave

    From commercial director Mac Carter and producer Sean Welch (Spellbound, Rocket Science) comes a short film about one ordinary guy's extraordinary effort to make a difference in global warming. Commissioned for the Live Earth SOS campaign this sweet film follows Dave and his dogs as they tour Los Angeles Asian food restaurants in search of waste vegetable oil to turn into biodiesel.
  18. A step by step guide to how you can be part of the energy [r]evolution. Full of interesting facts, educational graphics, and practical steps people can take to reduce their climate change pollution. We can – and must – cut CO2 emissions by 50 percent by the year 2050. The industrial countries will have to cut theirs by as much as 80 percent. If we do this, we can keep the rise in global temperature below the 2 degrees Celsius mark. Scientists agree that this is essential if we are to prevent the climate from getting completely out of control. Climate change is a global threat requiring global action. This brochure is being published in many countries around the world. It explains what we can all do to protect the climate. We have no time to lose. Let’s start living our lives in a more climate-friendly way – now! Contents 01 The state of the climate (p02 – 11) 02 Save energy (p12 – 17) 03 Heat efficiently (p18 – 21) 04 The energy of the future (p22 – 27) 05 Live green (p28 – 31) Download Document[/url:97166] (PDF)

    And another quote: [url:21a94][/url:21a94]

    Watch LIVE EARTH live on MSN: The official site: Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis. Live Earth will reach this worldwide audience through an unprecedented global media architecture covering all media platforms - TV, radio, Internet and wireless channels. Live Earth marks the beginning of a multi-year campaign led by the Alliance for Climate Protection, The Climate Group and other international organizations to drive individuals, corporations and governments to take action to solve global warming. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is the Chair of the Alliance and Partner of Live Earth. Live Earth was founded by Kevin Wall, the Worldwide Executive Producer of Live 8, an event that brought together one of the largest audiences in history to combat poverty. Wall formed a partnership with Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection to ensure that Live Earth inspires behavioral changes long after 7/7/07. Live Earth will stage official concerts at Giants Stadium in New York; Wembley Stadium in London; Aussie Stadium in Sydney; Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro; the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg; Makuhari Messe in Tokyo; the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai; and HSH Nordbank Arena in Hamburg. Live Earth concerts will be broadcast to a live worldwide audience by MSN at With support from the U.S. Green Building Council, creators of the LEED Green Building Rating System, Live Earth will implement new Green Event Guidelines. All Live Earth venues will be designed and constructed by a team of sustainability engineers who will address the environmental and energy management challenges of each concert site, as well as the operations of sponsors, partners and other Live Earth affiliates. Each venue will not only be designed to maintain a minimum environmental impact, but will showcase the latest state-of-the-art energy efficiency, on-site power generation, and sustainable facilities management practices. Live Earth is a project of the SOS campaign , which is using a powerful multimedia platform - films, television, radio, Internet, books, wireless and others - to move people to combat the climate crisis.

    Now this is impressive: MSN ANNOUNCEMENT: MORE THAN 10 MILLION WATCH LIVE EARTH ON MSN - MOST SIMULTANEUOUS VIEWERS OF ANY ONLINE CONCERT A landmark audience of viewers from around the world has united at to experience the excitement of today’s Live Earth concerts and to confront the threat of global warming. As of 3:00 p.m. EDT, MSN had received a total of more than 10 million video streams and has the most simultaneous viewers of any online concert ever. Viewers worldwide have already watched the Live Earth concerts via the live webcast, and the audience will only increase. On-demand footage of all performances, along with artist interviews, backstage footage, easy searching capabilities for specific songs, artists and more, will be available from all eight official concerts at for the next several weeks. “History is being made today,” said Joanne Bradford, corporate vice president and chief media officer of MSN. “Millions of people around the world have joined together to fight the climate crisis. The over 10 million streams MSN has delivered so far today represent a milestone in live Internet broadcasting. We expect to see an even greater number of streams after the concerts are over as people return to watch their favorite performances or enjoy them for the first time if they missed the concerts live.” “Live Earth is committed to providing our global audience with ways to “Answer the Call” and individually make a difference to help solve the climate crisis,” said Kevin Wall, founder and producer of Live Earth. “By providing the opportunity to view the shows in their entirety online, coupled with our unique solutions campaign we’re able to communicate this message on a mass-scale in a way that engages people and inspires them to act.”
  22. Fujitsu Siemens Computers says that their brand new tower server Primergy TX120 is the most energy efficient server in the world. Primergy TX120 is said to consume 40% less energy than conventional tower servers. The Primergy TX120 is also one-third the size and makes half the noise (producing 28dB while idling and 31dB in operation). TX120 uses a redesigned heat pipe air cooling system. Although previous systems have used heat pipe cooling, reducing the size of the unit required a new component alignment strategy. In the TX120 all heat producing components, CPU, chipsets, etc, are strictly aligned along a linear heat pipe. Two small temperature controlled fans also sit either side of the pipe in a push-pull arrangement. Another benefit of the heat pipe is it enables the user to choose either vertical or horizontal server installation. Unlike water cooling used in some small servers, heat pipe provides similar quiet operation, requires fewer components, and with no potential leakage problems is more reliable. According to Fujitsu Siemens Computers the use of TX120 instead of a larger tower server can reduce CO2 emissions by the equivalent of planting 31 cedar trees per year. To design and host your site, all you need to do is to contact the right hosting service. Services like powweb and ix web hosting are very user compatible. If one has to, one can also go through the online tutorials. This is also to confirm that cheap web hosting does not have to be stigmatized with anything cheap and miniscule. A cheap hosting site is also just a personal blog.
  23. Live Earth is LIVE!

    It's here and LIVE! First out is Australia at 01:15 GMT. Watch Live Earth live on MSN. Learn more about Live Earth and sign the pledge. Answer the call! The energy revolution starts today! Join the global movement and take action against the climate crisis: You can also join Greenpeace’s seven step challenge to cut down on your energy usage: Thank you!
  24. 7 steps towards energy saving

    Greenpeace has very recently launched an online campaign where you sign up and every week a challenge is sent to your email. There is a total of seven challenges. When you sign up, we'll send you 7 challenges over 7 weeks. Each challenge will be something anyone can do, and comes with detailed advice (plus a chance to share your own ideas). We'll also let you know about other ways you can help save our planet. Everyone's talking about climate change. You're doing something about it. From what I have heard the final challenge will be something special. Eoin Dubsky from Greenpeace has this to say about challenge number seven: Joining the campaign means you will get an email every week for seven weeks from Greenpeace (seven steps in total). Steps one, two and three are about changing your own lightbulbs and raising awareness about the campaign. Steps four, five and six are about demanding change from retailers, manufacturers and governments. Finally, step seven is a special surprise -- all I can say is "action!". :-) Take action, join the challenge!
  25. "We only get to play this game once"

    If you are still one of those stubborn people who just won’t accept the fact that climate change is real and something that we must act fast to stop you should watch this video. This guy has an argument that I think even you people should find reasonable.