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  4.   Check out this £175 million "Garden Bridge", beautifully designed by Thomas Heatherwick, which will be built over the river of Thames in London. ITV reports that the bridge is controversial but that the project has just been approved by councillors in Westminster.   "This is something that is iconic and absolutely unique, and will be recognised right across the world," said Robert Davis, Deputy Leader of Westminster Council. "I understand the concerns about potential loss of views, but there is no doubting that this bridge will bring substantial and significant benefits to London."   '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>See the Garden Bridge photo gallery!      
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  8. Forskare: SD:s väljare är "extremt intoleranta"

    En forskargrupp vid Institutionen för analytisk sociologi på Linköpings universitet publicerade för ett tag sedan en forskningsrapport som visade att Sverigedemokraternas väljare är extremt intoleranta och främlingsfientliga. SD:s sympatisörer är så intoleranta att forskarna menar att de är "en påtagligt avvikande grupp i det svenska samhället," skriver exempelvis Aftonbladet. "Our results confirm that voters of the Sweden Democrats hold drastically more negative views towards Muslims and persons with a foreign name than voters of other Swedish parties." Nu är det alltså statistiskt bevisat. Det som alla redan egentligen visste. SD-väljarna är betydligt mer främlingsfientliga än andra väljargrupper. Men det mest intresseväckande med undersökningen är hur den visar att Sverigedemokraternas valframgångar inte främst beror på ett missnöje med det politiska etablissemanget. Många har ju tidigare menat att Sverigedemokraterna är ett populistiskt missnöjesparti. Men forskningresultatet visar att SD:s stöd till stor del beror på främlingsfientliga värderingar hos partiets väljare. Och detta är viktigt att veta när man bemöter SD och deras politik. "Furthermore, these views are strongly driven by general anti-minority sentiments rather than anti-establishment sentiments. It appears that voters are not choosing SD in order to express a general dissatisfaction with established parties. The choice to vote for SD is driven by anti-minority, specifically Muslim, sentiments." Rapportens författare uppmanar nu samtliga partier i riksdagen "att inte låta ett extremistiskt parti som SD styra den politiska dagordningen" i Sverige. Läs Peter Hedström och Tim Müllers debattartikel om just detta i DN: "Det är främlingsfientlighet som utmärker SD:s väljare" Forskningsrapporten kan läsas i sin helhet här: Right-wing populism and social distance towards Muslims in Sweden – Results from a nation-wide vignette study
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  12. Happy New Year! Please be kind to animals around you and refrain from using fireworks. :)

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  17. Henry the crocodile was captured in 1903 for eating several children from a tribe in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. Instead of killing the crocodile the tribe elders decided to condemn the reptile to a lifetime of captivity. But what they probably didn't expect was that the crocodile would outlive them all.   Henry, who today lives at the Crocworld Conservation Center (CCC) in Scottburgh (a coastal town south of Durban), celebrated his 114th birthday this week.   “We have invited all of Henry’s 6 wives to his 114th birthday party,” said the center to BNO News.   Crocodiles have an average lifespan of 70 years, so if Henry is lucky he might be around a couple of more years. “These days, Henry has a pretty wonderful life at the Center with his six wives,” Crocworld said.
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    That's a lot of hashtags Jessica! Merry Christmas Everyone!
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      Hello Simon. Great to have found you! I wold like to start with an article featuring teh conclusions of an experts forum concerning green jobs and the potential of circulmar economy to decrease unemployment rates in Europe. Woul dthat be interesting? Thank you, David from Brussels.

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      Hi David! That sounds interesting. Go ahead and make a topic in this forum so that we can discuss it further. :)

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