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  1. Hello Mark and welcome to the forums! :)

  2. Welcome to the forums! :)

  3. Welcome to the forums! :)

  4. Trying to work, but this heat is making it difficult to concentrate...

  5. Eurovision tonight! Oh yeah! :D

  6. Welcome to the forums! :)

  7. You can now upvote and downvote posts. Go crazy, but vote responsibly!

  8. Welcome to the forums Joshua! :)

  9. And we're up and running again. Welcome back everyone! :)

  10. We have a new forum section! The Greenhouse is a section where new and old users can find help, introduce themselves to the rest of the community, and read important site news and information.

  11. Working on some major changes to this forum! :)

  12. Obama got re-elected! Will this mean four more years of business as usual, or will we see real change?

  13. Welcome to the forums! :)

  14. Here are some of the top environmental stories of 2012: http://www. Which stories do you miss?

  15. You can now create your own blog. Just sign in or register and your blog will be up and running in seconds. :)

  16. Welcome to the forums! :)

  17. Community blogs are now open for everyone! :)

  18. How are you celebrating Earth Day?

  19. Just deleted more than 3000 spam accounts!

  20. Hiroshima after the atomic bombing, 68 years ago today.

  21. Hello Annie Reynolds, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  22. Welcome to the forums CaridadIv :)

  23. Welcome to the new green blog community! Not everything works and looks the way it should. It's still very much a work in progress.

  24. Hello and welcome to the forums! Do you wan't me to change your display name? :)