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  1. Diesel Fuel vs Gasoline

    In most european countries Diesel is cheaper at the gas stations than gasoline.
  2. Anyone doing Fukuoka style ?

    Interesting reading. Thanks for posting. :)
  3. Eco-friendly pesticide?

    One trick against snails I learned from my aunt. Just put smashed egg shells around the plants or flowers and the snails won't go there. Sounds strange but it did work. I usually go to some UK flowers shops or some local gardening store and ask them for advice. Normally they are really willing to help and since we're talking about eco-friendly they love to share their knowledge.
  4. Comic: Overpopulation

  5. Well, they are soldiers, so I don't really expect them to be smart. :)
  6. Any BSG fans here?

    I have never watched but I heard the rumor that Hollywood wants to bring it to the big screen.
  7. Hello

    Hi everyone. I found this forum via google and liked the idea very much and thought I might add some UK to the discussion. Have a nice day.