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  1. What do you collect?

    Well I use to collect coins, but after awhile I had to use them. I was collecting the new quarters that had all the states on the back of them. I was so excited to do that, but after awhile I actually needed them, so they were a little harder to collect then I thought haha. I use to collect stamps as well and I had a blast collecting those, but after awhile i just got tired of collecting stuff haha. I mean you would have so much stuff that it would be better just to look at them and that's it. I cannot collect a lot of stuff anymore because I will just end up throwing them away.
  2. Do you smoke?

    No I do not smoke at all I hate the smell of cigaretts especially since they give me bad headaches. My family does not smoke either so I basically grew up in a non smoking home, plus I think that it is just nasty for women to smoke anyway. I mean why would you want to walk around smelling like cigarettes all day. I know someone that smokes all the time and even around kids, and to me that is a no no as well. I have a cousin that smells like cigarettes every time I go and see him cause one of my family members is with someone that smokes. I hate it and it is a bad habit as well.
  3. Green Lifestyle

    Well I am doing whatever I can as well. I have to say where I live they don't care anymore it is like the trash cans do not support the recycling thing anymore. You know the big brown trash cans that use to say add bottles here for recycling well they just throw them away now I guess. All I do is take the bottles and plastic bags to a certain place here and put them in the recycling bins that they provide. I hate that you have to go clear across town to recycle your items when they should be everywhere haha. :)