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  1. Whatever happened to "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"? Americans have a long history of doing what their country asked of them, whether it be serving in the military or tending the victory gardens back home. If America asked it's citizens to inflate their tires and plant vegetables I bet we'd get some results.
  2. Solar power from Africa could power all of Europe

    Ok, stupid question: in their plans to use Saharan sunlight to power Europe, are they also planning to, you know, provide for Africa's energy infrastructure? They kinda keep getting screwed on that score.
  3. Knowing Your Bioregion: A First Step to Stewardship

    A thought-provoking post. I was able to answer several of the questions but not all. guess I have some work to do.
  4. I guess they didn't want their TV hosts sweating...
  5. Arctic Map shows dispute hotspots

    It would be difficult to hold a war in the Arctic but you can bet wars have been started over less at lower latitudes...
  6. Wouldn't it be more "green" to have a black background? You'd save a tiny tiny bit of energy from not lighting up those pixels :)
  7. Americans must diet to save their economy

    Maybe having everyone loose some weight would result in some energy savings, but we're still requiring more and more energy for our computers, air conditioning etc.
  8. SUVs plunge toward 'endangered' list

    People have been telling SUV owners for years now that their cars are a bad idea, but I guess it took gasoline price hikes for some to start listening:
  9. Some climate change humour

    This is how you know it's in the general consciousness now :)
  10. Rebate the planet with your economic stimulus check!

    Good idea. We should try to use this "economic stimulus bribe" to buy things to reduce our dependancy on oil whenever possible.
  11. Amazing GREEN city

    You're right, I'd never heard of this city. I wonder why?