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  1. Save water and money by using a shower timer

    Or you can use a bucket of water instead. Quick and easy, and washable. No water wasting here neither. One bucket of water goes a long way.
  2. Amazing GREEN city

    Sounds like an interesting and fun visit. It's always nice to hear about different urban eco-areas. I like a mixture of both old and new, and it's always worthwhile hearing about it. I know a couple of towns/cities who produce energy through new forms of technology, and a couple are in South America. You see most of these cities/towns have always been self sufficient, and so they have gone back to their roots, and have contacted people who can produce something on a larger scale to help them, with their new towns/cities and live off their natural energy. All this, is not new. It is a natural way of life, and has been around forever, but it has just been pushed down the back of a sofa, as capitalism has got the better end of everyone, and cities have developed, and people have depended more on buildings and technology than their own natural resources, and have forgotten natures way.
  3. Be weary of so-called "Green" products

    Yup, this is what it's really like. It's quite easy to fall for something like that, but at the same time quite easily to see what is real and what is not. The worst of the lot, are the products that promote their green standard to great effect. You will find that the rare ones, are the ones that contain lesser or no fake ingredients and are usually hidden as they don't want to make big money, like the large companies.
  4. 32,000 climate change deniers

    Sounds interesting. This is what it's like out in the big world, a mixture of views from everyone. It's great that! :D
  5. Earth Day

    Interesting creation. Though earth day is everyday, if you are naturally fond of it.
  6. Post your desktop

    Here is my laptop desktop. An elephant from the Lisbon Zoo in Portugal.
  7. Flight misery at T5

    Or EVEN better, REPLACE the current Director, and get a NEW management team in. [Man this is my opportunity right here lol]
  8. Where do you stand in politics?

    Would it be so hard, to believe that i don't? I don't keep up to date with any news or current events, so from that angle my view of politics is non existent.
  9. New Member Ranks

    My pleasure. Any new ideas as of yet? I can't think of any at this moment, but when I think of something, I'd be sure to post it. :)
  10. RSS, anyone?

    You know what, going to insert this into my forum. That's the only way I'll ever know what it's really about. Experience is sure exciting. :thumbup: Thank you Simon for all your kind information.
  11. Organic coffee?

    Fair enough. Thank you for answering Simon. :)
  12. Humans failing the sustainability audit

    I know what you might have read may not have sounded, like something you wanted to hear. However much statistics and numbers may be the answer at times, they do not put practicality at play, when it comes to real life situations.
  13. Organic coffee?

    I only asked, your own personal understanding of it all. A simple question. I am neither against or for global warming. It is a change yes, that is all.
  14. Buying Local in a Recession

    I don't find anything negative. I'm pointing out the real truths, in what is going on in our world today. The major points highlighted from that paragraph are: Higher increase in productive manufacturing, due to the demand in higher needs in the food production, thus equating a much more regulated market, continous decentralised policies, increasing the economic restructure of cities and towns, and end of natural farming.
  15. Where do you stand in politics?

    No thanks. I don't have an opinion, so I don't feel anything for the system.