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  1. Many people are worried about work at home success or scams. This is one of the first things to know: That in today's economy it's important to build a business with a 'Debt Free' and privately owned company. And one that has been around a long time. We are that company. We have helped many people create an extra income right from their home. It does not matter if you are from the corporate world or are a stay at home mom. We can help you too! Our company is over 27 years old, INC 500 Company Highly esteemed by the Better Business Bureau And is and has been green long before green meant more than a color MUST have telephone and internet access free internet training and websites NO selling or delivering products How you can get started: Call Amy at 419-566-3723 or email at to schedule a presentation to give you all the details. We are looking for individuals who enjoy helping others and who have a positive attitude. During our presentation we will discuss our company's credentials, compensation plan and what you will be doing on a daily basis.
  2. Which is the real problem: Overconsumption or overpopulation?

    Our wonderful planet was built to support life on a grand scale. It was meant to be inhabitted so overpopulation is not the problem. and sure over consumption is a great problem. But worse than that is the waste not from overbuying or in just our homes. the real problem is greed. the governments allow tons and tons of food and other sustainable to just perish or rott because they are unwilling to sell it at a lower price or give it away when needed. the real problem is love of money and not thinking long and hard about how what you do affects others. this planet produces enough food for everyone we just need to use it and not waste it.
  3. Little secrets to save our Earth...

    if you live in an apartment we unfortunately dont' have control over landscaping or the placement of your appliances to reduce the energy need to cool things. Bummer Right! but there is still something you can do. unplug! we are all so attached to our electronic devices that we end up charging them more often than really necessary. Set a time each day or one day of the week to Make a human connection and leave the electronics alone. And as was mentioned earlier unplug it if your not using it things like the tv, toaster, blender, coffee maker, and even lamp may not do much but it will do something. sometimes you have to start small, but taking the first step in little things can lead to great things in the scheme of things. It also helps if you can choose what floor your apartment is, pick the top or basement floors. up top you reduce the gas ussage for heat necessary because heat rises. on the bottom you use less electricity to cool as the earth around you is already doing that for you. What wonderful natural laws and creation itself has made to save us from ourselves.
  4. A sustainable solution for the global crisis

    We all want to affect the well being of the earth. A global crisis involves everyone working together at once. Unfortunately few of us have more than our voices to add to a global effort. But what we can do is start small making sure our way of life caters to that end. We need to think about all the products we use and try to find a way to not only reduce the waste but use sustainable resources to get the daily basics we need. This can be done by researching and purchasing products development and distribution. We are talking products that stem from health to cleaning products and even the daily things we use like toothpaste shampoo and deoderant. There are truly green products out there if you look. So start at home and we can all build from there. Share what you find with others and you could help start a trend that leads to global effects. the key is to start with what you have controll over and not stress over the things you can't. Just do your part every day.
  5. Ways you conserve water

    Wow great tips...saving water is a great way to help the environment. Another way to save water is to buy and use concentrated cleaning products. Your basic cleaning products cost more and make their companies more money by using un-needed water in their products. When you use cleaning products from a company that makes green non toxic concentrated cleaning products you not only conserve unnecessary water but even cut down on the manufacturing cost and transportation costs and another great green bonus is less gas emissions in the air to hurt the environment as well. I love these products and use them all the time and they not only are safe and green but they are extremely effective. Can't beat that!