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  1. Any gamers on this forum?

    I'm a GTA freak! Love the San Andreas. Can't wait to play GTA IV (4) !!
  2. I'm currently low on resources [RAM, Gfx Card], so i won't even attempt to install Vista on my PC. As soon as i get about 1-2 GB ram, I'll try installing Vista. But will also keep XP (dualboot) just in case any application refuses to run on vista.
  3. RSS, anyone?

    I am subscribed only to a couple of my favorite webmaster forums. I use Live Bookmarks in Firefox for that purpose.
  4. The geek has arrived!

    Hiya! Greetings. I'm Shadab. A young webmaster, living in Bhopal (India). Topics of interest include web development, programming, forum administration/posting.