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  1. Greener Computers

    Over the long term, processors might need to be redesigned fundamentally. Currently, processors use too much electricity. Also no one has really figured out what to do about the heat being generated, so more electricity is used to cool down heated up processors. Unless processors start consuming energy very differently, I don't think that computers can truly become eco-friendly ...
  2. REcycled Nokia

    Recycle of raw materials is a must, but recycle itself is not eco-friendly at all. For example, I forgot the exact figure, but over 50% of recycled consumer electronics go to China; that's where they recycle. The way it's done is that a bunch of low skilled (or I should probably say no-skilled) laborers take them apart by hands and sort them manually. All recycled consumer electronics are dumped and piled up all over the place. No roof, nothing. When it rains, the rain turns into toxic water, and this water contaminates the soil. As a result, towns where they recycle bring water from outside; they cannot drink their water because it's toxic. They used to be able to drink water; they're going completely backward.
  3. Going Vegie

    There is no doubt that the current production method has a very serious problem, and agriculture needs to be de-centralized like it used to. But unless you fundamentally restructure mega cities (like Tokyo, Mexico City, Mumbai, Sáo Paulo and New York City), you cannot ask every household to have a small farmland to grow vegetables. There needs to be sizable farmlands all over the world. First, I am not saying that it's perfectly ok to kill animals, but this is not exactly about moral or ethics. I am not for factory meat production, but it's because animals can easily get sick; this is not good for them, nor is it good for humans. Also there are already enough food in the world. There is no need to produce more; in fact, it's more beneficial to convert certain production methods into more organic and environment-friendly methods even if the total amount of food produced decreases. Having said that, I'm not too crazy about this let's-become-vegetarians craze. I also feel that this has done more harm than good unfortunately; the mass production of (GM) soy is a great example.
  4. Where do you stand in politics?

    I personally like the idea of Libertarianism. But ... I don't think that this is a very pragmatic political philosophy, especially when we try to apply the idea to the national politics and international politics. There need to be rules and regulations, and they need to be set and enforced by the government.
  5. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    In what sense? ... per-capita With the exception of island nations (holiday resort nations) and a few other nations, US consumes more oil per capita than any other nation in the world. ... per-capita Coal consumption (per capita). US is ranked 5th in the world. Is this what you call 'green'?
  6. "People in highly taxed countries better off"

    There are so many illegal immigrants because US has such policies that harm economies of other countries. For example, US signed NAFTA in 90s. Since agriculture in US is heavily subsidized, Mexican farmers could not compete. So many farmers were forced to live in poverty, and they crossed the border to survive. It's really a problem that US created; this country cannot blame 'illegal immigrants' for variety of social problems. At the end of the day, US either created those problems or it triggered to create them.
  7. US soldiers throw 'flashbang grenade' at Iraqi sheep herd

    This is what so called 'patriotic soldiers' do during war time. This is not just Americans. Apparently, so many people (or the vast majority) believe that there is actually a patriotic just war. 'Just war' is an oxymoron.
  8. Funny, this is the organization that does whatever it can to protect its pedaphille priests. Sadly, major media outlets do not report that he was the head of the commission to address this problem.
  9. Oil in Alaska

    There is demand. There is profit to be made. So, they drill. Pretty simple.
  10. Humans failing the sustainability audit

    Ecosystem is like a pyramid. We're just removing blocks from near the bottom of the pyramid. If we keep going, the pyramid will naturally collapse ...
  11. Al Gore Nobel Peace Prize Speech

    He should definitely get the credit for spreading the message across. But he's definitely not someone who follows his own advice. He's a politician after all, so I should perhaps just let him go ...
  12. Cigarettes kill our enviroment!!!

    This is where Ferrari's red comes from. Not Marlboro. Another F1 team McLaren, however, used to have Marlboro color scheme.
  13. Going Vegie

    Over the long term, no. I don't disagree that today's meat industry runs a dirty business. However, creating vast farmland is more damaging to the environment. Another thing to mention. Agriculture is becoming (or I should say 'has become') a dirty business as well. Agriculture industry has contaminated the environment and it continued to do so. The damage this industry has done is probably more far reaching than the damage done by the meat industry.