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  1. How Many Earths? Interesting little quiz, turns out if everybody lived like myself, we would need 2.8 earths, not too shabby, but definitely could be better.
  2. Video: Green Propaganda from Australia

    As the resident Australian here, the new government is probably going to be better re: the enivronment (i.e signing Kyoto on the first day) - but still, no Government really wants to take the serious action needed to protect the environment, it might wreck their precious economy, even though you can't have an economy if there's no planet.
  3. How Many Earths?

    When you live on an island which takes 10 hours by boat to get to the mainland, and then drive another 12 hours in a car to get to a family funeral - I'd take the 1 hour flight.
  4. How Many Earths?

    Gee, way to make me look gready - it was those flights I took - I knew I should have offset them
  5. London raises its congestion charge for heavy vehicles

    I do think this is a great idea, it does make people think about whether they really need their car, and if public transport would get them there just as efficiently. Although, for the rich people and celebrities who own big gas guzzlers - they'll probably be able to afford any tax thrown at them.