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  1. It sounds easy but i think it is not. Maybe there will be a need to do some processes like registering a business (since i would be a supplier) and should i pass the environmental standards and some other things. That is a big project and thus required a huge budget which i do not think could be financed (even there are loans) by a single ordinary person like me. ;)

    You have a point here... It is not so easy...

  2. We decide about our future. But nowadays, Politicians found the way to change our will. So we decide about the future they want us to have. They achieve to do it through TV, scheduled economical crisis and MONEY! We can't do anything without money. We can't even live without money. So they decide about us. Humans with power is what makes me to afraid. You see, we are the players of their game. That's all I have to say and believe me I am not overdo it...

  3. I have an idea on how to get the solar panel for free. You can get a loan to buy the solar panels. Then provide the electricity (the first years), that the solar panel will produce, to an electricity station and the electricity station will pay your loan. Do you think this will work? It sound possible...

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  4. Hello!

    I am Manolis and I am from Greece. I really love nature and I am doing anything to protect it. Destroying the nature is like destroying your own home. That's why I am very interested in the discussions of this forum. Moreover, well done to the administrator for his decision to make a forum about environment.