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  1. Why others do not believe in global warming?

    Yes right, some just think what happening is a cycle that the earth had experienced or the earth should experienced. But the thing is,for sure, before they are no such pollutions on earth that had causes the ozone layer hole/holes and the heat of the sun is not trapped in the earth that makes the temperature increases. Definitely, we are causing things to happen this time and it is not just nature.
  2. New recipes?

    There is a non expensive vegetable dish that i know. So easy to cook dish. Ingredients are: mongo sprouts, tofu (square slices), 3 gloves of onion, half glove of garlic and cooking oil. Steps: saute garlic and onion then add the mongo sprouts. Add one cup of water and let it boil. Add the sliced tofu and let it boil again for minutes. And that's eat! You could add seasonings depends on your preferred taste.
  3. What are your favorite foods?

    Good for you that you had such appetite for veggies. it is impossible for me to be a vegetarian since some of my favorite dishes involved meat in it. But as much as possible i avoid consumption of red meat and processed meat. And like adding more vegetables in my meals.
  4. How are you today?

    Hi, yes i had talked to them face to face, one on one what ever kind of talk they like it to be. The rain this past few days had helped me washed them away somehow. ;)
  5. How do you stay fit?

    I am not strict in my diet but as much as possible, i include vegetables and fruit juices in my daily food intake. I seldom have time for workouts because of busy schedule but i am trying my best to do simple exercises and stretching at home.
  6. This are all good tips to conserve energy and reduce heat released in the planet. The last tip s very important. To be able to encourage others to conserve and do effort for the environment is not that easy but will be worth it.
  7. What do you collect?

    It was sad to know what happened to your collections. I make sure my collections are always with my most valuable things like my diplomas or photographs so that i could never forget where do i placed them and remember to bring them. Hope you could still find the motivation to start another collection again.
  8. Soapnuts nature's detergent

    Nice share, i am not aware of soap nuts but i am aware of some natural detergents or environmental friendly detergents. I think we do not have such soap here in our country since that kind of berries are not popular here. ;)
  9. Healthy and environmentally friendly diets

    I am not that conscious in my diet. I eat vegetables and meat. I just prefer eating more fresh foods than processed foods. We also have some small flocks of chicken before but since of no enough space anymore, we can not continue it. I also used to have vegetables in our yard like bitter melon and ginger.
  10. How do you conserve energy?

    I also have my own simple ways to conserve energy. - I do not watch TV often. - I turn off the lights when it is not needed just like when my PC/TV is open or i am sleeping. - I do not iron my clothes. - I turned off the PC if not in use and will unplug all appliances not in used.
  11. Cost of Solar Panels

    That would be a good news. Hope companies would invest on such renewable energy and distribute it in a cheaper price compared to the prices of the electricity today. That will be a brighter future. ;)
  12. Hi, nice to meet you all

    Hi Joy and i would like to welcome you here. It was right that we could be healthier in preserving our earth and making it a safer place to live for everyone.
  13. Hello!

    Hi there Kerry and welcome to the forum. It is nice to see an environmentalist member here and definitely i will be looking forward for more of your posts in different threads here. ;)
  14. We have the power to decide for ourselves since we have our own mind and own judgement on things. If everything is done according to the will of God and law created by man, definitely there will no bad people and everyone are just good.;)
  15. Fukushima nuclear disaster

    I also think that no matter how modernized or advanced the nuclear power plants are, they are never safe when nature strikes back on us. Just like what happened in Japan, i guess no one had imagined that it will happen as they had good facilities and modern nuclear plants.
  16. Cost of Solar Panels

    It sounds easy but i think it is not. Maybe there will be a need to do some processes like registering a business (since i would be a supplier) and should i pass the environmental standards and some other things. That is a big project and thus required a huge budget which i do not think could be financed (even there are loans) by a single ordinary person like me. ;)
  17. Do you use bicycle?

    I also use my bicycle in traveling short distances. If not, i would walk since it is also a form of exercise and at the same time, good for the environment.
  18. Lithuanian Mayor crushes illegally parked car with tank

    Yes! i had just watched it in a local news earlier. I was not just smiling, i was laughing on that video. It will really goes viral online and this should be a warning to those who are not following the law of parking. ;)
  19. The second member?

    Thanks for the welcome admin. I enjoy reading green topics and anything about the environment. So, for sure i will enjoy my stay here.
  20. How our economy is killing the planet

    Yes, hope to read more details about that graph. Industrialization releases a lot of toxins and pollutants in the environment. The more company or industry established, the more possible destruction could happen in our natural resources.
  21. Do you smoke?

    I used to have an asthma before so definitely smoking is a bad thing for me. And i also do not like to try it cause i hate the smell of it. It is also not healthy at all.
  22. Which is the real problem: Overconsumption or overpopulation?

    I think over population is a bigger problem since the world is over populated in most places. Resources such as food are not equally available or spread and therefore there are some countries that do not have resources to consume while others (usually the rich countries) have resources to waste. I had read before that there is no scarcity of food, there are just lots of wasted foods that if just given to those who needs it rather than it is wasted, no one will be hungry.