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  1. Watching some news about it, people in Libya seems to be so happy about it and looking forward for a new beginning in their country. It was good that war against him had ended since a lot of civilians are being involved and had died on those attacks too. Hope they could really find a good leader that will give them freedom and better nation.
  2. Moringa another health secret

    Moringa is popular here and we could have fresh moringa leaves in some dishes. There are now increasing number of healthy food products having moringa in it such as noodles, ice creams and tea. It was really a healthy food that could give many benefits for us.
  3. What's your occupation?

    I am also currently working at home. I used to do some research work for a website before. I also experienced making product reviews and short articles for online clients. I do enjoy working at home since I could work anytime.
  4. We all do shop for things or for food. Plastics are the common kinds of bags used here in our country. Although there are some shops or establishments that uses paper bags and some recyclable materials, they are very few. I sometimes bring my "green" bag when shopping but I hope I could do that more often. I just like to know how many here in this forum are exerting effort to bring their own shopping bag to avoid the use of plastic bags.
  5. Will Planes eventually run on biofuel ?

    I think if it will be cheaper than what they are using as fuel and it will be a reliable fuel (abundant source), it could be possible that they will become interested in using it. Businessmen will always want something that will give them more profit. The good news if its happens is that it is more environmental friendly.
  6. Endangered Species Chocolate

    It is my first time to know this "brand" of chocolate. Is this just available in the US? It was always nice to know people or companies that are exerting effort in helping the animals and the environment. Nice that you had promoted the product here in this thread. ;)
  7. Prices of going to the movies

    Same as you, I have not been in the cinemas for a long time. I would only watch movies if I am too interested and if my friends will invite me. It was getting expensive and it would not be practical to watch often. I could wait for those movies to be shown in our local TV. ;)
  8. Favorite animal

    I do have two dogs and a cat and they are my most favorite animals. I grew up in a family with a pet dog always. We made them part of our family. I love dogs so much because they are loving, playful and loyal. They love being cared and loved too. It was fun having them in our daily lives.
  9. Google Plus

    Yes, it was not yet popular to my friends and that is one reason why I am not active on Google+ even i have an account on it. My connection to my friends is my reason why I have social networking sites like Facebook. It helps me to stay connected with them and know their recent statuses.
  10. NASA finds signs of flowing water on Mars

    I had read of it already and it was really nice to know that there could be life there. A flowing water could be a sign that there are living species there. So sad to know that the US government focused more on wars rather than exploration funds and researches. Hope there could be some private billionaires to fund those science projects.
  11. Fear of the Animal Planet by Jason Hribal

    I could agree that they could act for their freedom and they could fight back against torture and maltreatment.They have the ability to think somehow like how to hunt for food and recognize the people who take care of them. Living things will really want to be free and cared correctly.
  12. Zoos?

    If zoos main motive is not to earn money for the owners, it was good. There are really some zoos that uses their funds to save endangered species and fund animal programs like awareness programs. Animals should not suffer being in a zoo and so they should be provided a shelter almost close to their natural habitat and have enough care and food.
  13. I voted Green

    Hi there and welcome to the forum. It was always nice to see new members here. You could share your own thoughts and ideas here regarding the environment and some other issues. Hope to see more of your posts around.
  14. What movies are you interested in seeing this summer?

    I had watched the official trailer for the Rise of Planet of the Apes and it was really thrilling. I would also like to watch it in the cinemas since it is already showing here. I think that the movie is so interesting and entertaining because of the effects and the story.
  15. How do you get to where your going?

    I also walk if it was just short distance or I can manage to walk the distance. It was also a way for me to exercise since I am not having enough workout this past days. I also try to use the bike to go near in the lake or to the market place.
  16. The second member?

    Hi. It was nice to signed up to this forum as i am interested reading and talking about the different issues and information about the environment. I am the second one to make an introduction thread here so i am assuming i am the number two member (aside from the owner/admin of course). I do hope to see this forum have more members and grow online. ;)
  17. How are you today?

    I had made this thread to share what i am feeling at this very moment. I have so insensitive neighbors that are certified alcoholics who are almost if not daily are having drinking sessions just near my place. They sing along so loud and they do not care if they are the nosiest people around even it is already midnight or morning hours. I need patience! Lol So, how are you today?
  18. What are your favorite foods?

    I have not tasted it too but it sounds healthy because of the tofu. I will like to try this burger if i will find one here in our place. I like barbecue and tofu, so what a combination. ;)
  19. Hello all!

    Hi Kris and welcome to the forum. You could really read interesting topics and ideas here and you could share your own thoughts. Hope to see more of your posts around.
  20. How are you today?

    Yes right, i am loving it but would not wish for daily rains since some places here are flooding. Do not want to be selfish though. Lol. Yes, this thread help me feel a bit relieved. It is good to know you are so happy today...
  21. What is the true cost of gasoline?

    True cost of gasoline could mean poverty for many and pot of gold for some oil players out there (specially for oil owners/company). And as others said, it is the cause of conflicts, rallies and greediness. ;)
  22. Hi all Greenbloggers!

    Hi there Cecille and welcome here in this forum. Environment and all other topis with regards with it are really very interesting to be discussed. Hope to see more of your posts around. ;)
  23. Green Songs

    There are some local earth songs i know but i would not include it here since you would not know it. Some songs i know are: Vanessa Williams - Colors of the Wind Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love
  24. I am doing almost all those things in your list aside from planting a tree. We do not have enough space here to plant tress and i am not actively joining a tree planting projects since it is usually done in the province/forest areas. We used to have trees before when i was young but it is now converted into a commercial area. Although we could still manage to plant some small plants around the house.
  25. What are the plants in your yard?

    It was a very nice suggestion. There are some plants that can grow inside the house or just in the balcony just like ferns and palmera plant. You could also try some plants that could live in the water.