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  1. Healthy and environmentally friendly diets

    I agree that if a person become so sickly being vegetarian, I do not see reasons for them to continue such diet and suffer from health issues. I eat meat and vegetables. And I think to make it healthy and more earth friendly, better consume organic and fresh foods.
  2. Greetings Greenblog from the Philippines

    Hello there Speedy and nice to have you here. I am also from the Philippines and it was very good to know that you are pro earth/green. It was always nice to know and see people who have same interests. Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts here. Have a nice day.
  3. Choose your job (Picture)

    I would like to be the solar panel installers. And could consider those other jobs for alternative source of energy rather than cleaning up the mess made up by people who seems not to put enough safety for destructive sources of energy.
  4. Noise pollution "may be stressful to wildlife"

    Definitely true that noise pollution could stress wild life as we humans are also stressed by it. It might not be on top of the problem list but it was sure a problem. And also since some animal creatures have more sensitive hearing, it could affect them more than us.
  5. Coffee addicts new healthy Blend

    That was nice alternative for common coffee. I am just aware of corn coffee since it was available here and I sometimes consume it. That grape coffee sounds good tasting and healthy as my impression of grapes is like that. T There are also now coffee that have additional vitamins and minerals on it.
  6. Yes it looks better with lights and some more decors. Here is another decors idea I had found online.
  7. How much Rubbish do you throw out ?

    I try to recycle as much as possible just like using plastic shopping bags as garbage bags. And also using containers as pots for some plants. We also segregate those rubbish that we can sell in junk shops like plastic bottles and tin cans. And buying things that can be use for several times or longer period of time than those disposable ones.
  8. Scientists claim to break speed of light

    That could be one of the most interesting discovery of this generation if they could prove it. And hope that such discovery could be useful maybe in the field of medicine or other kinds of technology.

    I also love to eat chocolate and this one sounds delicious. And good thing it is healthy. Would probably add nuts and raisins on it. ;)
  10. Stupid SUV owners...

    Better that she should not tossed bottles anymore not only in that property but in all places. And that should include all other kind of thrash/garbage. A "green" talk or seminar is a good idea for her. ;)
  11. Earthship Biotecture

    Good looking houses! It was work of art, looks safe and good thing that it was earth friendly. I have not seen one yet personally but I could say that I would like to experience to live on such house. In here, it could be best to be built in the provinces.
  12. Industrial Farm Use of Antibiotics Up 67%

    It was really alarming that "modern" foods could mean not safe foods. A lot had been using modernized ways in cultivating our food such as using antibiotics and fertilizers. Hard to have now organic foods since this kind of food is rare and often expensive. If we could really grow some foods on our backyard to at last have some "safe foods. But definitely space, time and weather are problems or hindrances for it.
  13. Watch: Chernobyl's Radioactive Wolves

    I had watched it and it was very interesting to see lot of animal species on an area where there was a high amount of radiation. Maybe some other new species are there such as in plants/trees that had been mutated because of the nuclear plant explosion.
  14. Shitty Coffee but sooooo Good

    It was known as the most expensive coffee. We also have such coffee in some region/province and it was called alamid coffee here. I have not taste it since I doubt if I could afford and even I could, I most probably not avail it since I am not really fond of drinking coffee.
  15. What are the worlds problems?

    Wars/conflicts of those who are greedy of power and money. Those who likes to be followed and own everything they would like to have. These kind of people causes a lot of world problems.
  16. I do not think spending to make our earth a better and safer place to live for everyone is not wasting money. Just choose which groups or projects are to be given funds since there could be corrupt people around using the issue of global warming.
  17. Is anyone a "prepper"?

    I can consider myself a prepper but just a bit. Since it becomes a hobby for me already to stock some foods like canned goods. I also have some bottles of portable water stored just in case that a supply of water will be cut. Just simple things to make me feel prepared.

    Nice to know that aside from honey, palm sugar could also be a healthy substitute for sugar. Although I am not that aware if this kind of sugar already exists in a local market here. Maybe will try to look for it and see if this one is affordable and also give a good taste.
  19. I also thinks that organic foods are healthier aside from being more earth friendly food sources. It is good to know that there are still part here that uses organic way of cultivating/planting crops/plants/foods although sometimes they seems expensive compared to conventional produced foods. Should be really more farmers would engage on organic farming because of all the benefits.
  20. Born to be Green

    Nice post/article. We could really do our own simple ways (or even big ways) on how to save our environment from destruction. Personally, I am trying to reuse and recycle anything in the household. I use grocery plastic bags as garbage bags instead of buying the black/garbage bag. Also will use water and electricity wisely such as turning off and unplugging unused appliances or electronics equipments. Reusing water used in washing clothes in cleaning the bathroom and the floors.
  21. Your form of entertainment

    When at home, I just usually use my computer for some online activities like chatting with friends on Facebook or Yahoo and reading some news and articles. I seldom play online games and the usual games I would play are book worm and bejeweled. I sometimes watch TV too and some shows I like watching are talent shows and local evening news.
  22. Greenpeace joins the Occupy Movement

    As long as there are no violence happening around protest, it was just okay in my opinion. It was right that only few companies/organizations uses the large quantity of natural resources for their own benefits and not considering how it could affect the environment and the people.
  23. The U.S. now uses more corn to fuel their cars than to eat

    That is the problem why it is not appropriate to use corn and some other crops as energy source since it is more needed by the people. There are shortage of foods to some areas and it will not be good way to treat foods. Better use the sun and wind as source since they are abundant on certain places.
  24. Green roofs

    I do find those green roof good specially for houses since it could help lessen the heat and therefore have cool effect inside. Also nice to see that they are making effort in somewhat making their buildings or infrastructure "green" that could also benefit the environment. Hope for more natural energy sources being used by them aside from those green roofs.
  25. Hello

    Hello there and welcome to the forum Godarna. You could really share your own ideas and opinions in different threads here. Topics/discussions in this forum are interesting and very useful. Hope to see more of your posts around.