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  1. Summer Activities

    What are your usual summer activities? I enjoy being in the beach during summer but I do not go often to the beach. Since I could do some other activities like going in the park which is nearer to us have picnic or food trip there. I also stay at home more when it was summer to avoid the heat outside and would go out late afternoon if ever I would go to the mall.
  2. Hello everyone

    Hello there too Kat. You can share your own knowledge and ideas on different threads here and feel free to join different discussions.Hope to see more of your contributions around. Have a nice day.
  3. Eco-Friendly Home Furniture

    It was right that water hyacinth becomes a problem here that causes floods on some areas specially when there are storms. And it was already being "harvested" here and used to create some products just like bags, sandals and home decors.
  4. Cars running on water as fuel

    I think I had watched that too in the news years ago. And it might not become that successful since if it is, it becomes popular online or been shown in different news local and abroad. Hope it could still be a possibility since water is lot cheaper and earth friendly than fuel. Specially if it will not require too clean water.
  5. Your Favorite "Green" Country

    There are Korean Telenovelas here and we could really see that there are still lots of beautiful spots there that are abundant with trees an clean surroundings. And so I could say that Korea is one of my favorite green country too. And I also like new Zealand as it was used in the movie Lord of the Rings.
  6. Eco-Friendly Home Furniture

    I think furniture that are made from natural materials are more earth friendly although it could mean some plants or trees are being cut for it (as long as they would plant new ones ). There are also furniture that are made from recycled materials just like those that are made from used cans, used paper and some other materials that can be reused. Below are some that I had searched online.
  7. Eco Gadgets you own

    Yes there are solar bulbs and Nokero is one brand I know. It was just bit costly here. Right now I am just using compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), also called compact fluorescent light which is energy saving light.
  8. Eco Gadgets you own

    I use to have a solar calculator and mechanical clock before but it was gone already. I also like to buy some eco gadgets or things like solar bulb and solar charger.
  9. Hello

    Hello there and welcome to the forum Tammy. Nice to have you here and feel free to share your own ways of taking care of our environment. You could really read a lot of useful ideas and information in different threads. Have a nice day.
  10. E-Books vs. Traditional Books

    I seldom read books and I actually prefer traditional books. Usually I just read articles and news online since books takes more time and it makes my eyes tired to look at the screen for too long.
  11. Greetings, GreenBloggers!

    Hello there too and welcome to Green Blog. community. It was nice to have new members here and hope to see/read more of your contributions around. Have a nice day.
  12. Smoke Fog

    Air pollution would be the most notable environmental issue here in my community. It is caused by lots of motorcycles running near the area everyday. We could observe that instead of a fog which is a collection of water droplets, it is a fog which is a collection of smoke. An electric tricycle will be better since it releases less smoke or no smoke at all. But the conversion or production of it is more expensive. In your community, do you also experience the smoke fog in the morning and what is the main cause of that?
  13. Kind of shows

    What kind of shows you really enjoy watching? Personally I do enjoy watching reality shows such as singing contests, cooking shows and talent shows. I also enjoy watching news shows such as local evening news. Some of my favorite shows are X factor and Got Talent shows.
  14. Christmas Shopping

    Do you enjoy Christmas shopping and do you do it early or just few days before the holiday? I personally enjoy Christmas shopping and usually start shopping as early of 2nd week of November. This is too avoid too much congestion on shopping malls and market. And also to still have time to save money for some other things for the holiday like for the foods.
  15. Favorite Anime shows

    Do you enjoy watching anime shows? And what are some of your favorites? I do enjoy watching anime shows specially when I was younger and still have a lot of time watching TV. And some of my favorite anime shows are Ranma 1/2, Samurai X, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Naruto, Akazukin ChaCha and One Piece.
  16. Healthy Activities

    Yes so nice. Thanks for sharing your natural ways to get read of house insects since I usually use the commercialized products that can be somewhat harmful for the environment. And also nice to know about that natural freshener.
  17. Most affected continent

    I could agree that less developed countries would be more affected than rich countries. Usually poorer countries have poor urban design that leads to more worse flood situations. And because of lack of funds, facilities for rescue and relief goods are also not sufficient for all those who are affected. But sadly to say, pollutants comes mostly from more developed countries and then poorer countries suffers more because of its effects in the environment.
  18. I doubt if it was possible just by reading the thread title. But reading the article about it, I think there could be a possibility if all those written there could be true. Just like the turbine will be made from a very light weight material and that the tunnel could really get the winds and/or forces from the passing vehicles above it. I think it will be best placed in a very busy highway.
  19. Nuclear Makes You Stupid!

    It could be true since it was what they had studied there but if its not, one thing is still can be sure. That radiation can affect a person and some other living things. Just need to find out what exactly those effects might be (aside from it could make a person stupid.) :P
  20. Why China cannot fight pollution and climate change

    I think they should make fighting for pollution their priority than earning a lot from those businesses in order to see improvement on their environment. Often or might sometimes, major target are to produce revenues and that could mean on any means. Just like even some natural resources are should be used for that goal.
  21. Solar Bottle/Bulb

    Some household here in the Philippines are using "solar bulb" to be able to save electricity and have lower monthly bill. On some areas/household that do not have electricity yet, they also use this as their source of light on day time. Solar bulb is made from a plastic bottle (1.5L soft drink bottle) which is full of water added with some amount of bleach. This bottle is then place on the upper part of the room which some part of it is exposed to the sun so that the light from it will be collected and then scattered throughout the room. This is another simple yet useful innovative and environment friendly source of light on day time. Do you know any other alternative bulb existing nowadays?
  22. It depends I think if they can still survive in the wildlife since there are just animals that seems not fit anymore to come back to the wild. There could be so many predators in the wild including some other threats just like those hunters and collectors that will not care if that specie is already the last of its kind.
  23. I think it was almost impossible to totally shutdown all social media and all means of communication during such riots or any activities they would want to do it. Some people who have riot plans or even those terrorist could really use the internet to communicate but internet was also used by a lot of other people who would want to check their loved ones that might be living near places where riots are. And also to let others know what is real happening that could also give warnings for others to avoid going on such places for a moment.
  24. The Occupy Wall Street protests

    Seems Occupy Wall Street protesters are not active now as I am not hearing any news about them lately. I am not from the US, are they still active? And what had been the development so far from their previous movements?
  25. Hurray, my new tablet :D

    It was nice to know you are really enjoying your new tablet and as I had been hearing from some friends that have tablets, they mainly use it for games. I do not have a tablet since I am still enjoying my net book and I prefer using keyboard than touchscreens. It is much easier for me to use.