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  1. Cost of Solar Panels

    Solar energy seems to be the best alternative energy available since it is abundant and free to acquire. The usual problem or hindrance in having this kind of source is the cost of solar panels. It is expensive and very few could afford it. My question would be: Do you think cost of solar panels will become cheaper as times goes by? Or, do you know any cheaper alternative for solar panels?
  2. Spare Time Activities

    A lot of us might just have little spare time to spend on things we really like aside from work, school and duties at home. What common things or activities you do when you have spare time aside from sleeping and eating? If ever I do have spare time, I watch TV and play with my pets. And sometimes I go out with some of my friends.
  3. Healthy Activities

    There are activities that are not not only healthy for the body but also healthy for the environment. What are your healthy activities? Some of my healthy activities are walking/biking when I was going to near places. I am not smoking and I sometimes shower in the rain. ;)
  4. This is my honest question, why some people would not believe that there is a climate change or global warming? Personally i believe that it is happening since i could feel that it is getting hotter and hotter every year. The storms also seems to be stronger and more destructive just like come other natural disasters like earthquakes. So, are you a believer or not?
  5. Are you aware of this news regarding the largest crocodile captured alive? What is your initial reaction about knowing the news? It was all over the local news and online news during the first week of September when it was captured here in the Philippines. It is said that it could be the largest of its kind to be captured alive. It is a male crocodile and some villagers believe that there is still another creature as big or bigger than him that could be his wife (a female crocodile). For photos: Yahoo News
  6. What movies do you still enjoy watching even you had watched it several times already? Below are some movies that I actually had watched several times already but still can enjoy watching it again. - The Prestige - Gulliver's Travel (classic one) - Indiana Jones movies - Once Upon a Time in China movies
  7. Avoid stagnant lifestyle

    We should at least have some daily activities and some exercises in order to have good health. It would not be healthy to for someone to just sit whole day in front of the computer or just watching TV. Much have breaks, stand, walk and stretch. Some bad effects/health risk of stagnant lifestyle are: - indigestion that could result to severe constipation - weak body - gaining weight/obesity DO you have a stagnant lifestyle? Better start moving. ;)
  8. Green Lifestyle

    Are you doing some simple things daily to help save our environment? As much as possible, i reuse materials like plastic bags and do not just throw them away. I also try to reuse the water from a shower or water used in washing clothes to clean the bathroom or the patio. When it rains, i also collect water and used it for cleaning purposes.
  9. Ways you conserve water

    What are your ways or habits to conserve water? Here are some ways I know and what I do at home to conserve some water. - Used water from taking a bath and washing clothes are use to clean the floor, flush the toilet and wash the rags. - Use glass when brushing teeth - Collect rainwater and use it on some cleaning activities and flushing the toilet - Use dipper instead of shower when taking a bath.
  10. Green Bag

    We all do shop for things or for food. Plastics are the common kinds of bags used here in our country. Although there are some shops or establishments that uses paper bags and some recyclable materials, they are very few. I sometimes bring my "green" bag when shopping but I hope I could do that more often. A mall here is selling green bags and giving discount or points convertible to cash or merchandise when they shop using that green bag. I really think it was a good idea. I just like to know how many here in this forum are exerting effort to bring their own shopping bag to avoid the use of plastic bags.
  11. What do you collect?

    I used to collect old postal stamps since high school years. I also collect some old coins and old paper money. I still keep my collections until now. Do you have any collection? ;)
  12. The lunar eclipse

    Have you witnessed the lunar eclipse last night? I actually thought I would not be able to see it since the sky seems not to be clear earlier in the evening. But luckily it becomes clearer as the lunar eclipse starts until the total lunar eclipse had happened. It was really nice to be able to see such kind of natural phenomenon.
  13. Artificial trees are so common here in our country and now the trend is making Christmas trees and some decors out of recycled materials. And those kind of decors could be usually seen in different municipalities of cities of the Philippines. This is done for the environment and also to lessen the cost for the decors.
  14. What are the plants in your yard?

    Do you still manage to have some plants even you get too busy or there are no enough space in your yard? We used to have space for some vegetable plants before but it was later transformed to become part of the house. We now have some small plants like fortune plant placed in a plastic container.
  15. TV shows you usually watch?

    When I was younger, I usually watch anime and cartoon shows. And I also enjoy educational shows like those about Science. Right now, I seldom watch TV and what I would usually watch are news shows and movies.
  16. Organic Foods

    It was advisable that we should choose to consume organic foods as much as possible since these kind of foods could be more nutritious and safer to consume. And also it was more earth friendly since no fertilizers or any other chemicals are being used to it. Do you consume organic foods as much as possible? Or there are so many hindrances for you to be able to consume organic foods?
  17. Global Warming documentaries

    There are some local documentaries about global warming and it shows different natural disasters that had happened in our country. There are also projections for what year supply of water, food and some other natural resources will become scarce and that was really alarming. Documentaries could help us know more about what are the causes and effects of it. And also how we could be able to do something to make those effects slower and have a better environment. Do you watch global warming documentaries for your country? What are the discussions?
  18. What some green ways you could think of in celebrating new year? Some that I would do for greener new year celebration are: - Will not use fireworks - Will not use disposable plates and utensils. - Will throw garbage from celebrations on proper bin.
  19. Effects of Global Warming

    Personally I could observe that weather now changes too fast and I think it is caused by global warming. There are so many instances that it was so hot and then it will rain so hard. The summer temperature also becomes too high that it causes droughts. There are also now some small hurricanes in the city destroying properties and lives. Some other effects of global warming that I had read are spread of diseases, more hurricanes, heat waves, ice caps melting, more floods and wild fires.
  20. Movies you would want to watch again

    Yes I had watched Final destination movies. I had watched some of it several times already and still would like or willing to watch it again. I like how the story differ from other horror films. It was thrilling...
  21. Eco Gadgets you own

    Solar bulbs are also not yet marketed locally here but I could find some few places or people here that are selling such bulbs. According to some websites online a solar bulb could cost approximately $20 depends on brand/class or type.
  22. Steve Jobs

    His name was like the brand of apple that become popular because of its products and ideas. And it becomes more popular when he died specially on the online world.
  23. Hello Everyone!

    Hello there Courtnie and welcome to the forum. Good luck to your studies and nice to have you here. You can freely share your own ideas and knowledge on different topics here. And you could find interesting and useful topics around. Have a nice day. ;)
  24. Movies you would want to watch again

    I am not familiar with that movie Invictus but as you described it, it seems to be a very good movie. I also enjoy watching such kind of movies and I think I would also appreciate that movie as it has a good story.
  25. What are your favorite foods?

    I love eating and i am quite lucky that i do not get fat that easily. And so i was enjoying every meal and desserts that i could have. But of course, as much as possible, i like to have a well balanced diet and eat healthier foods. Some of my favorite foods are chocolates, ice creams and Filipino dishes. How about you? What are your favorite foods?