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  1. Colored food - fish

    I was in the store recently and as I began shopping around for some fish I started to read the label and it said "color added" to the fish. Now what I was buying was salmon and because of this I didn't buy it. Now is it normal for them to color food or add color to the meat, I find this hard to understand and have since not shopped at that store.
  2. I don't think we should offer any alternatives, we have offered alternatives for years and look were we are at now. I think if our behavior is going to change with need drastic change.
  3. Cigarettes kill our enviroment!!!

    In response to the first reply, people who smoke cigarrettes and are driving have a tedency to throw their cigarettes out the window. This is a careless act that affects all of us, how many times have hills or fires started because someone didn't properly dispose of a cigarette?
  4. Woman runs over own legs in McDonald's drive-thru

    weird, so is she suing mcdonals or herself?
  5. Alternative garden lawns - moss

    If I could I would go with artificial turf, it never needs water and its green all year round.
  6. Diesel Fuel vs Gasoline

    Diesel fuel seems attractive you need less of it to go longer distance and you need less chemicals in the refining process which would over a long term period cost us more and save more on pollution as new ways of using diesel could evolve to be cleaner.
  7. IMG: "Let there be light"

    Funny but so inappropriate
  8. Affordable solutions to power office on renewable energy?

    Ypu can do it with two things, wind and solar. It's the prefferable way in case their is no sun you still have wind or visa versa.
  9. Big Oil propaganda

    A commercial was running a while back from Chevron were they claimed that they were not just big corporate big wiggs they actually care about the environment. To me this was a blatant attempt to convince people but its not going to work. You are telling me that $100 oil and they care about the environment or even people.
  10. Woman runs over own legs in McDonald's drive-thru

    WTF? this is the weirdest story I have heard to date, how do you in good sense run over your own legs.
  11. Oil in Alaska

    Drilling in alaska is wrong and should not be allowed but from my understanding they are drilling their as we speak and ruining the land.