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  1. Yes I am aware of that. But if you look at the operating systems like Ubuntu you can clearly see they have a long way left until they can work for the average computer user.

    I for example cant use Ubuntu because I need Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver and InDesign in my work. And Ubuntu (for example) don't support these softwares...

    Me too. Why are there all these different flavors of Linux anyway? Can't they settle upon 1?

  2. Cigarettes are awful. What I hate about these smoking laws is they are never enforced. Here in California, there is supposed to be a separate smoking section for all these smokers in bars and restaurants--only some bars (read: dive bars) don't comply with this law and let smokers do their thing in their bar.

    Other bars/clubs/restaurants don't completely cordon off the area and their smoke filters back into the main building in a restaurant.

    I really don't get how these places get away with this kind of stuff.