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  1. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Lets hope someone else gains the Green nomination, and she either gets on and supports them, or moves on.
  2. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Had a look at the following: ... 477634.php In the UK the Green Party has had an electoral agreement with Mebyon Kernow, the party of Cornwall In Leeds the Greens and the Liberals ( ) agree not to stand against each other. If you look at Mid Beds Council websites list of councilors, you find that for practical reasons (UK councilors only get admin support if there is a group, i.e. 2 or more) the 1 green councillor is a member of the Independant group: ... &PIC=0&J=1 So I can see some sense in working with a local party in New Orleans. I do not believe there is a right or wrong way to be politically green - but a willingness to look beyond what we have now, and being prepared to work towards it.
  3. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Living in the UK, I am not too well up on the people of the US Green Party. However, I know that whist alternative thinkers continue to vote for the better of two unpalitable parties (2.5 in the UK) the "lefter" party takes for granted the more radical green thinkers, and the more rightwing party takes for granted the "conservationists". I have stood several times for the greens in England, and although never actually elected, I have forced the green agenda upon the main parties quicker than if I had worked from within. Further, I have held up a 10,000 house development on green fields for 10 years; building work has now started - but without delays, they would now be building on the ajacent fields. Also, other green inovations have occured to stop votes being lost to myself. I know from experiance standing/voting green works. Whilst there were a few things that I was unsure of with , she seems the most likely candidate from what I have seen on the web. Nader, has always struck me as a very reluctant green.
  4. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    There is an alternative: Whilst we continue voting for the politicians because they are less wrong than the rest, we just get taken for granted
  5. Save Xp

    Whilst I would argue moving to Linux to be the best IT move most people, especially companies, can make, I have signed this petition to request that sales/support for Xp continues. If M/soft stop selling/supporting Xp there will be large amounts of IT equipment replaced for no other reason but to migrate to Vista.
  6. Greener Computers

    A Linux Valentine ... ntine.html Plenty more people out there extending the life of their computer with Linux
  7. Use a laptop to save energy

    Strictly speaking could tick all three 8 or 9 desktops, and old laptop, a Wii and DS, all of which surf (although one machine only in black and white). Currently virtually only use three desktops and the Wii. I would argue that desktops are greener, over their lifecycle. Easier to upgrade/repair, and more reliable - therefore if production and replacement energy included (plus disposal of NiCds etc) desktop may well be greener.
  8. Greener Computers

    Windows is the operating system Microsoft want it to be. With linux there will be a distro for whatever purpose / style you want. If you want a special job doing, adapt one. I run Sam Linux on this 11 year old AMD because it is a light distro, Ubuntu on the Core Duo because it is a slightly fuller bodied distro, and Yellow Dog on the Sega Dreamcast, because the distro was adapted for that machine. See Distro Watch for news and Distros: If you are looking to try Linux try Sam or Vector as Live disks, or to install try whatever is on the cover of Linux Magazine. If you are not too keen on the first distro you try, tthere are plenty more to go at! On the issue of Software: Steve
  9. I have looked at the Linutop pc for some time and felt it to be a good idea: Mandriva Linux have just started selling them through their store, e-mail copied below, which prompted this post: Impress your friends with the smallest PC! Linutop + Mandriva Flash Pack are now available Mandriva Store! -- Run your Mandriva Flash on a Linutop. Linutop is a small computer running from a USB key. Without internal hard drive, linutop is extremely robust. It offers a completely silent, energy efficient operation in an extremely small package. Plug the key, start your Linutop system everywhere, save and exchange your data on the free space, up to 3GB! ... cts_id=381 -- Impress your friends with the smallest PC! Why choose Mandriva Flash + Linutop Pack? * Small: Linutop and the Mandriva Flash can fit in your pocket! * Mobile: Take it everywhere and make any desktop your own! * Silent: With no mobile parts your PC is totally silent! * Fun: Now you can hide your Mandriva Linux PC on your desk! * Safe: You don't touch your other computers * Storage: up to 3GB available for user files * Low energy consumption: less than 5 watts * Simple: Just plug and use! -- About Mandriva Flash: Mandriva Flash 4GB version provides a full-featured system - Mandriva Linux 2007 KDE 32-bit - that requires no installation, on a bootable USB 2.0 key. All you have to do is plug in the USB key. For more information about Mandriva Flash: -- About linutop: Linutop is a small energy efficient PC. Processor: AMD Geode LX700 (x86), Memory RAM: 256 MB, 4x USB 2.0 ports Audio in & out, Network: 10/100baseT Ethernet (RJ-45), Video: VGA output (SUB-D15), Size: 9.3 x 2.7 x 15 cm (3.66x1.06x5.9 in), Aluminum Case, Power: DC in 9V - 1,5A (5W), Weight: 280 gr (9.9 oz), AC Adapter 220V With no mobile part Linutop is robust and totally silent. For more information about linutop + Mandriva Flash pack: ... cts_id=381 The Mandriva Team
  10. Greener Computers

    An interesting url about the iPhone:
  11. Greener Computers

    An interesting url about the problem of offshoring:
  12. Greener Computers That was easy to answer!!!
  13. Greener Computers

    More Apple news:
  14. I hate the passion for x-cessive external light displays, which have become very popular in the UK. Christmas should be about family and fun, not trying to out do each other with enegy wasting products, made in factories which do not worry about their environmental impact. Here comes Christmas!:
  15. Greener Computers

    Sorry for the lack of reply. Just noticed this question on the end of this topic. I like the Apple opperating system (s) both classic and OS X. I especially like the way the machine, and the OS blend to become one product, rather than having such and such a machine running.... However, I dislike Apples bussiness practices, just as much as M/soft - these become very visible where Apple has a good market position: I would rather the use of Mac software than M/soft, because it adds to diversity of software. I would not buy a new one myself, and would opt for Linux every time. We do, however, have a high spec iMac G3 which I paid 55 GBP (111USD) - it is a good machine, and I would say third hand (possibly 4th) is Green.
  16. Greener Computers

    Ubuntu has all the average computer user needs, it has all the things you need from an operating system, and there is software available for most tasks. I have Ubuntu on one PC, and I set it up from scratch without a problem, I do not feel it needed any technical skills, although a bit of patience was needed. Ubuntu comes as standard on some PCs now, which saves having to set it up yourself: Sam Linux, which I use on this old PC set itself up without any assistance whatsoever, and comes complete with OpenOffice, Opera, FireFox, Skype, Real Player, and loads more: For someone wants to try Linux without commiting it to their machine I'd reccommend Sam as a live disk, running from memory only: ... dZViewItem I would argue that it is Adobe, and Macromedia who do not support LInux. Hence, the more usage there is of LInux, the more that will be written for it. We took the decission some years ago to not use any windows software, although some Linux users dual boot with windows for the odd piece of software they "must" have. We have found ways to do everything we need to do. I think the only Microsoft software we have is a copy of Explorer 4.5 for Mac, on our G3 which we have never opened. Some people use a program called Wine to run windows software in Linux, I have never tried this. http: Bluefish does not have all the features, and ease of use Dreamweaver does, but it does enough for most people, and for free. The problem is that Microsoft writes to exclude others, and keep its monopoly. The more people use non-MIcrosoft products, the more non-Microsoft products there will be: From the above news item I would guess that 2-3% Linux use on the internet would be enough to get the BBC to make a viewer, but is shying away for 0.8%. Hence, even if you have to use Windows sometimes, the rest of the time its worth using Linux. Steve B PS Last weekend had a look at the brother in laws PC, it is weighed down with trojans, adware pops up constantly. For what they (a average family) use the internet, Ubuntu / Fedora SuSe etc would do everything they need and be free of such irritation. PSS 15 years ago I did development work in the useage of GIS, and have not used GIS since, I guessed it would be a Windows/Mac thing only, but having recently looked I found good software is available. It is supprising what is out there....
  17. Greener Computers

    Linux (in one form or other) will run just about any computer going. Anything from Sega Dreamcasts, through to modern hi spec machines can all be run on LInux. Most people have a Linux machine or two about their house, most routers, many mobile phones etc. use Linux.