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  1. yard upkeep

    Oh also forgot the front garden has our tansy plants too. Tansy is wonderful, although does not reccommend it: We use the tansy to make tansy pudding, which is one of the nicest things imaginable to eat, however, we keep the level of tansy lower than traditional, best to be on the safe side.
  2. yard upkeep

    Just had fresh broad beans from the back yard. They are growing their along with runner beans, squashes, salad plants, peas, tomatos, etc. The rhubarb is in the front garden - about ten large plants, they are just going mad out there. There are also sweetcorns and herbs in the front too. Oh and enough garlic to last the year.
  3. yard upkeep

    A few years ago we dug up the lawn and planted rhubarb. Now we have more rhubarb than we can use, our friends have stacks of rhubarb. We have enough rhubarb saved so that we can have rhubarb twice a week right through the winter. We are working our way through the recipies on, they are great: rhubarb v lawn = no competition
  4. Opera 9.5 is here

    For me the return on investment is sumarised by the trailer on: CherryPal is a low energy pc (<2 watts):
  5. Airship will help the US coastguard to chase smugglers

    Gosh 2006, I remember The Palm flying over work. It did a few circles before flying on. Very quiet, almost stationary in the sky above.
  6. I am back

    I am back too. Just been away camping for a few days: Very nice just to live outside in a tent
  7. Opera 9.5 is here

    Do not know about the Opera Team, but I like /. Found an article on Firefox 3 / Opera 9.5 on Linux:
  8. International Fuel Strike!!
  9. Opera 9.5 is here

    I like to type " /. " into Opera 9+
  10. USA spends 15 billion on rail lines?

    I had always imagined that Sweden would be the sort of sensible place where there was a great train service.
  11. USA spends 15 billion on rail lines?

    Do not know about the USA, but there are proposals for five new high speed lines in the UK. I have mixed feelings about these proposals: :crazyhappy: I comute two stops midway along the East Coast Mainline, and it is expensive because there is not enough capacity to do the big comutes into London, so they do not really want people like me to do a few stops - extra capacity should make my comute easier (and cheeper) :sceptical: The big problem with the trains in the UK is that they all focus into London, we need to open new lines accross the country in order to make a rail network - at present to travel to Milton Keynes, approx 30 miles, I have to travel into London, and back out again, roughly 150 miles - hence time and cost make this prohibitive.

    The other day we took the other halfs parents out for a meal at the cafe in Salcey Forest ( ). In the corner of the cafe was a book shelf, which upon looking contained books left by individuals for anyone else who wants them to take. Seems like a good way of finding homes/readers for books. Has anyone tried bookcrossing yet?
  13. Opera 9.5 is here

    Hopefully the future will mean writing sites to standards, it is then up to the browser companies to render the standards. This will stop Opera, and others, being critisised for not coping with bodges designed to make sites work in Explorer, and sites written with poor standard compliance M/s (and others, Serif etc.) web site writing programs.
  14. Britons throw away third of ALL food

    As a child I can remember the change. In 1967 my mom used to bake each week, so that we had bread, cakes and biscuits for the week. By 1970 we were getting everything from Tesco, because there were cheep cakes, it just was not worth baking them anymore (alas, they tasted awful). Over the following years houses became centrally heated, we stopped getting busses, and bedrooms stopped having frost on the inside on winters mornings. Subsiquent generations were born straight into having "everything", and do not remember that much of this affluance was built up by having to go into the shops each week, and pay of the weekly instalment in the book. Thus, people slightly younger than myself see these things as rights/indespensible needs - hence, the maxed out credit cards etc.
  15. Opera 9.5 is here

    Tried it on the Mac last night and it runs very well - noticeably faster than Opera 9.27, Firefox 2, and iCab 3. Bet a lot of Mac fans will say that the GUI is too "colourful" - but I think it looks very smart. Not sure what you mean by the look and behaviour of websites, certainly the Mac version seems spot on.
  16. Britons throw away third of ALL food

    I would say with my parents generation (children during rationing in the 40s England) went the other way. They became obsesed with quantity of food (and other things) - alas the quality was overlooked - this made a ready market for battery hens, and microwave meals.
  17. Anti-Human Propaganda

    Worth giving a go :crazyhappy:
  18. Anti-Human Propaganda

    I agree Simon, the movie did make some good points, and could be useful to at least get a reaction.... Re altuism. Sometimes if I view the earth as a single living matrix, sort of along the Ghia idea, I end up thinking maby Giha does not need humankind anymore, and we by being green are trying to hang on in. A few weeks ago I watched a documentaly about what would happen to the earth if all the humans suddenly disapeared. Much of it was filmed in Pripyat, which was abandened after Chernobyl: All in all I could not help but think that the earth could be better off without us.
  19. green caravanning guide

    Apparently she is a celebrity caravanner:
  20. green caravanning guide

    As a Eurovision fan I would have thought you would have known :whistle:
  21. green caravanning guide

    As a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club ( ) I always find it odd to read articles in the club magazine talking about nature conservation (and green issues in general) next to road tests for the best big car / 4x4 to pull your caravan along - seems extra problematic when people are driving round all year in this big car / 4x4 because they need it to go on holiday.
  22. Anti-Human Propaganda

    This does raise the issue of: Is green alturistic- or is it about trying to keep the human race at the top of earths hierarchy?
  23. Amazing GREEN city

    Ok in theory:
  24. Amazing GREEN city

    This does not sound too green to me, if power is cheap (even tough it happens to be hydro/wind) then it will be taken for granted and used wastefully, + the money saved will likly be spent in non-green ways such as bigger cars than needed. The following sums things up nicely: "It doesn't necessarily help if I'm encouraged that the best thing to do is to keep my car until it eventually falls apart. If I save money by repairing my old car rather than buying a new one, I could spend the savings on cheap flights abroad. The net environmental impact will probably be negative. Even selling my vehicle and joining a car-share scheme may backfire in this way, unless I am careful about how I spend the money that I've saved." from Green Projects need public involvement.
  25. The "Bike Tree"� keeps your bike safe

    There is nothing worse than getting somewhere and not being able to park your bike, and lock it. Many places have cycle parking which is only usable by standard sized bikes - worse than that some places have no cycle parking at all. About 15 years ago I cycled to Manchester Piccadilly station on a Friday afternoon, to go away for the weekend. Arriving at the station I found only bolt holes where the cycle racks had been - so after looking about I chained my bike to a railing on one of the platforms. When I got back a few days later my bike had had parts removed - I went to the station managers office to find that on the Saturday afternoon (20 hours after parking the bike) they had closed the station and called the bomb squad. The station manager explained that they had stopped allowing bikes to park at the station because they could be used to conceal bombs - he could not see that there was a problem with the car park! Many years ago Halfords ( ) one of the largest bike retailers in the UK opened a Cycle Warehouse in Manchester. I cycled there and could not find a bike rack, I circumambulated the building, only to find all the drainpipes were integral to the walls to prevent climbing. I took my bike into the store, and was asked to remove it by security. I refused and the manager was called - he explained that this was a warehouse for bikes, you drive there in your car and take your bike away flatpacked - hence, they need bike parking!