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  1. Do you know that one of the fastest ways to restore your pond in a natural way is to add beneficial pond bacteria? Many people do not know the benefits of having good bacteria in their pond and some even doubt whether adding bacteria really helps the pond. If you are entertaining such doubts or having such questions, you should know that it is scientifically proven fact that adding beneficial pond bacteria helps the ponds in multiple ways. Whether you like it or not, your pond has already beneficial bacteria and also the bad bacteria. However the ratio of beneficial bacteria over bad bacteria is not to a favorable level so the bad bacteria takes over in producing the muck and the bad odor. When you add beneficial bacteria, they feed on the accumulated nutrients that affect the quality of water and improve the overall quality of the water. They also consume the decaying plants and other nutrients that are added through rain which affect the water PH. The ammonia and the nitrites level come down when the water has good amount of positive or beneficial bacteria. This helps the fish because high level of ammonia in the water affects the fish. If you want healthy fish then you need to have well balanced water with less ammonia and nitrites. The best part is that you do not have to worry about going through an expensive restore process. Some people go to the extent of pumping out the water from their pond to fill it with fresh water. You do not have to do all that just add beneficial pond bacteria and it will feed on the sludge and the other negative stuff. The water quality will improve dramatically within a short period. Find a dependable pond supplies company to order beneficial bacteria for your pond. Along with it you should also set up pond aeration system if your pond is not aerated. This will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pond. The beneficial bacteria need plenty of oxygen unlike the anaerobic bacteria. If you want the beneficial pond bacteria to work for you then it has to be supplemented with good aeration system. Many people add beneficial bacteria to their pond but fail to setup good aeration system. As a result, they do not see the expected level of success and end up doubting the effectiveness of adding beneficial bacterial to their pond. This is mainly because of the ignorance of the pond owners. Invest your time trying to understand how the eco-system of your pond works. Find a good pond supplies company and a good pond expert who can assist you in setting up as well as maintaining your pond. Like what many people think pond maintenance is not a difficult task. You just need to know how it works and where to find the right pond supplies to support your pond’s eco-system. Go ahead get started, look for your pond supplies company.