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  1. If you are highly enthusiastic about your tub replacement San Antonio, you are on the right track to create a trendy bathroom in your household. However, you must not over speed with your project. Stop for a while and read on to know what expensive mistakes you must avoid for the success of the project. Here are the seven costly mistakes every homeowner must avoid while embarking on a bathroom remodel project. Rushing with the project Bathroom remodel is a tricky subject and can’t be finished overnight. You must spend at least a few weeks doing the homework and planning for the project. Go through a lot of images on the social media sites and other online locations regarding some good bathroom remodel projects to develop some workable ideas. Consider how you will minimize working with the pipelines and drains to avoid burning your pocket. Not consulting an accomplished firm Bathroom remodel is not a do it yourself project because it involves working with several different kinds of tasks. You can’t be an expert in each of those segments. You must therefore consult a good bathroom remodeling company that has wide contacts with different professionals who need to lay their hands on the project as well as can give you enough ideas and tips on how to land on a fantastic bathroom. Compromising with key materials Never settle with some inferior options with regard to the most used fixtures and materials that you will install in your bathroom. Branded materials and fixtures carry warranty and also can withstand the test of materials and time on them lasting for long. However, the areas you can save are compromising with those high end styles and designs that will only cost more when compared to the decent looking basic models. Not thinking about tomorrow Think of tomorrow while going for the fixtures. Understand that you will age in future and might feel it uncomfortable to use the patterns meant for young people. Take this into consideration and install those fixtures that can serve the needs of aged people such as seating platforms, adjustable toilet seats, grab bars and others. Not considering the water use These days the world is moving towards water conserving practices in every segment. Today it is easy to find fixtures that are water-efficient. Some advanced fixtures like tricked put showers, his or her showers might include multiple showerheads that will consume a lot of water. So, plan well before you install the fixtures to enhance water efficiency. Buying products online without checking them Though the internet is a great tool to research on product ideas and designs, when you order for them online, you might not get the fixtures in the same way as you see them in pictures. The colors might significantly differ when you finally open the pack upon delivery. The best idea for buying bathroom fixtures is to visit the physical stores and make the selection. Not thinking about storage While focusing on the different aspects of bathroom fixtures and finishing, most people tend to push the storage concerns to the backseat. Think of installing a closet, an armoire or a simple chest for storing the essentials, medicines and first-aid kit.