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  1. Hello!

    Hello Brandon and welcome. :)
  2. Hello!

    Hello Crash and welcome. :)
  3. Effects of Global Warming

    I don't know if it's related, but weather forcasts have been wrong pretty often lately.
  4. Favorite animal

    When I was little I liked lions, dolphins and whales. Now I don't really have a favorite animal. I have a weakness for 'peaceful' animals like pandas and whales, but I pretty much like all animals. I am totally fascinated by insects. The only creatures I can't like are parasitic ones like mosquitos and leeches.
  5. I voted Green

    Yay a person from Canada! Welcome welcome. :)
  6. Google Plus

    What I mean is that I don't think I have time for it, forum or not. :)
  7. Is anyone a "prepper"?

    Actually, I have felt like doing it for a while but I never got started. Same as Simon.
  8. Google Plus

    I've heard of it. I think I'm spread pretty thin as it is with all the forums I visit, so I don't think I'll be using it. But who knows.
  9. I have heard good things about it, but I think I'll wait for the DVD. I'm a sucker for superhero movies, so I'm interested in seeing Captain America.
  10. Hello to everyone!

    Hello halverson and welcome. :)
  11. What's your occupation?

    Well, the last couple of years I got pretty tired of studying so I don't envy you. Political science eh? It sounds like you.
  12. Howdy :)

    Hello Winnie and welcome. Looking forward to reading your entries. :)
  13. Hello to everyone!!

    Yay, a person from Iowa! Welcome welcome. :)
  14. Hello all!

    Hello Kris, welcome to this place and take care yourself. :)
  15. Hello Everybody! :)

    Yay a person from the US! Welcome welcome. :)
  16. Hi all Greenbloggers!

    Yay a person coming from the Philippines! Welcome welcome. :)
  17. Hello, I'm warrenfb9.

    Hello warren and welcome. :)
  18. Hello, everyone!

    Hello Estefani, looking forward to reading your amazing posts. :)
  19. Hiya from Vegas!

    Yay a person from Vegas, welcome welcome. :)
  20. Hello

    Hello Guardian, hope to see your wife in here some day as well. :)
  21. Heya From Dee

    Hello Dee, looking forward to you reading your thoughts. :)
  22. Hi!

    Hello Shopy, looking forward to exchange ideas with you. :)
  23. Hello!

    Hello Kerry and welcome. :)
  24. Hi, nice to meet you all

    Hello and welcome. :)
  25. Hello everyone!

    Yay, a person from Greece, the craddle of western philosophy. Welcome welcome!