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  1. What are the worlds problems?

    2 new things that might be problems: spreading of deserts and global mass death of bees. Desertification and Colony collapse disorder respectively. Here is small article about plants and animals that might be crucial to our lives: The list contains primates, bats, bees, fungi and plankton.
  2. I think I'll try reading what he has to say about the issue. Maybe we can turn this into a discussion where I can play devil's advocate.
  3. Scientists claim to break speed of light

    Very interesting. Do update about the situation if it proves to be right or wrong.
  4. We need more activity

    Say what now? Those two sentences aren't connected are they? I can pretty much assure that we don't think that you are to blame. It's a community. If acitivity is low then it's because all of us of haven't found the time to be here. No need to be down on yourself Simon. Especially after hearing about your situation. We all have lives. I can't be here all the time either. But I can promise you that I'll always come back and check up on this place.
  5. What are the worlds problems?

    Yes, there are many problems, and that's why I'm trying to list them. I don't expect us to go into full detail with all of them, but it's good to have them written down somewhere. Some of the problems I were not aware of, and some of them I sometimes forget. A good strategy to deal with problems is to be able prioritize. To find out out which is more important you first have know what the problems are. This thread is about finding out what problems there are. I intend to make another thread to discuss which problem is more urgent some time in the future.
  6. Hi all

    If you're looking for an idea guy I can help you. I have lots of ideas. I just don't have the skills to make something out of them. Haven't had luck getting a job in the creative department of game companies so far.
  7. We need more activity

    Actually maybe it's a good sign that we aren't here so much. Could be that all the members are just really productive in their real life. Yay us.
  8. We need more activity

    All I'm hoping for is to at least get more activity from the people that are already here. I think if we can do that then more people will join eventually.
  9. I think I'll add it to world problems as well as light pollution. It's not on the top of the list, but it's definitely a problem.
  10. Hi all

    Hello there. What kind of help are you looking for? Game testing? Game design? Programming? What?
  11. What are the worlds problems?

    Can you elaborate on that? From what I know about it - and I don't know much - it was created to prevent or decrease financial crises.
  12. What are the worlds problems?

    Wall-street bankers sabotaging the economy is indeed a problem, but they're just using loopholes that can be closed. I think legislation can take care of most of that. However I do think that the way the economy works right now is a problem. I don't think that religion is necessarily a problem, but I think all of us can agree that the economic system needs some drastic changes. It is now added as world problem in the opening post. Oh yeah, the huge amount of garbage that we have, the energy crisis and our depleting water resources are pretty big problems too. That reminds me of the global hunger problem. And quite unrelated to all that is the problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. The widespread use of antibiotics - both inside and outside of medicine - has a significant role in the emergence of resistant bacteria. Looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us.
  13. How our economy is killing the planet

    Wow, thanx for bumping this up. First time seeing this. Didn't we do something about the ozone layer? That's a very good point. Every economic bubble seems to have been built on the expectation of endless growth. If stocks don't increase their value they are no good. If a company doesn't earn more the next year compared to the previous year it's no good. At least that's the impression I get.
  14. Stupid SUV owners...

    Now now that's just a case of general stupidity. It's not necessarily tied to SUV owners.
  15. Your form of entertainment

    Play computer games, watch movies or tv, read books and comics, play with my nephews and nieces, take walks, draw, write, surf the internet, watch anime, go to the library, check out news in film and game and science magazines. When it comes to other news I consider it as work.
  16. Prices of going to the movies

    I think about 1-4 times a year depending on the movies. So far I have watched 2 this year. I love going to see movies, but as has already been mentioned, the price is pretty high. Though being a big movie nerd there have been a period of 5-6 years where I haven't gone at all.
  17. What are the worlds problems?

    I would say that it's fundamentalism/extremism and not religion per se that is the problem. Political fundamentalism can be just as destructive. It is the lack of self-reflection, self-criticism, critical thought, and it is narrowmindedness and prejudice and will-full ignorance that is the problem. All of those things are not confined to religion, and not all religious people are guilty of all those things. If you insist on painting all religion as evil, then you are no better than all the religious who insist on painting atheism as evil, and you risk turning good people away. Religious people, but good people nonetheless. I hope this isn't a topic where we'll bump our heads for the rest of our lives. -_-
  18. Hello

    Hello Tammy and welcome. Looking forward to getting to know you too. :)
  19. Favorite animal

    That's a good idea Cheetah. I don't like the idea of completely wiping out an entire life-form. Having them isolated somehow instead of killing them all off would be great. Who knows what the future might bring and how they might save the planet.
  20. Will Planes eventually run on biofuel ?

    That is indeed a problem, especially when seeing how much of the meat we have produced go to waste. That and a whole host of other problems with the way we farm in the west. However this is a different issue and is not directly linked to biofuel. But growing algae in the desert sounds promising. Nothing else grows there anyway, and it would add to global the oxygen production. I don't know if you've heard, but we might face another huge problem with the declining levels of oxygen in the air.
  21. Will Planes eventually run on biofuel ?

    As far as I know those 3 materials are not competing with food crops, so there should be no direct consequences for global hunger. As long as we are not using food crops then biofuel should be a viable alternative. That is until we learn more about it. There's still the thing about its longterm effect on the soil, and algae produce about 45% of the worlds oxygen. I don't know what the consequences are on a larger scale, but biological oil is a source of oil that is replenishable unlike mineral oil. It is certainly an alternative that is worth checking out. What does biofuel leave in terms of waste?
  22. Hello Everyone!

    Hello Witchy and welcome. :)
  23. Favorite animal

    Ah that's right, we have found a use for them. Not that I think animals should be useful to have a right to exist, but if it's a parasitic one it has to be useful for me personally to tolerate it.
  24. What's your occupation?

    Just be careful about online jobs. Lots of scams out there.
  25. hello from Ca.

    Hello mustang and welcome. It's great what you do with the leftovers. :)