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  1. Thanks only_green_no_gray, i have registerd there, that's really awful video
  2. Any gamers on this forum?

    yes, the finding of way is very hard, but i finished it all versions
  3. Hi everyone!

    Hey Simon, thanks for creating and building this nice forum, i really like this forum
  4. If anybody want to move to Window Vista, you have to buy heavy computer mean that every thing will be compitable with Vista, but in Opinion the best OS is Window xp, coz million of people is saying that XP is the best.... and also a few weeks ago, Microsoft Announced that in 2009 the xp will be finished, and every body will be using Window Vista....
  5. Any gamers on this forum?

    i have never try to play Counter Strike.... i just like Prince of Persia and its all collection like Prince of Persia 1, 2, 3
  6. oops When i lunch that video i find this error :
  7. 8 years to save our life and future!

    i thought it should be stop, if we less our usage fossil oils etc etc....
  8. I am newBie

    Hello guys, I am new here, just want to introduce my self here... My name is Shah Hussain, I am From Pakistan Thanks