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  1. hi. she will arrive tomorrow :)

  2. Obrigado!!

    Tambem espero que estejas feliz:P

  3. thank

    Artemis send it to me a couple of days ago

  4. Hi!

    How are you?

    I'm finally back, it took me longer to get online because of my internet connection.

  5. Hi!

    Tomorrow i'll go camping (again :P) and i'll be back on Friday.

    Cya in some days :)

  6. Hi!

    How are you?

    I won't be able to access GB in the next five days, i'll be camping.

    Cya june 10th

  7. It's similar to hi5, you post some photos of yourself, create your profile and comment your friend's profiles

  8. Sorry for replying so late, only saw the comment today.

    I saw your invitation, but i don't like facebook very much:/

  9. No problem :). then tell me if you like it

  10. Lool!

    Ok, i like surprises :P

  11. Hi! this new forum software is awesome!

    Every thing working so far, but i still have many things to explore and try