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  1. Any gamers on this forum?

    If i had PS3 i would get it
  2. Stuffed rhino loses horn to thieves

    I think that those people that buy that kind of stuff are worse than the actual thieves
  3. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    But won't win so easily as in Pennsylvania
  4. French spiderman scales new heights

    Naah, already knew his style, everyone can do that . Some time ago he came to Portugal to footage a commercial for a cellphone operator
  5. French spiderman scales new heights

    "He was arrested more than 100 times" Wow that's a lot
  6. The Root of All Evil?

    Even the most deep atheist has to believe in something
  7. Eco-friendly pesticide?

    yeah, that's true. They eat the parasites that are trying to eat the plant
  8. Post your desktop

    And here is mine
  9. Comic: Overpopulation

    looool :crazyhappy:
  10. NY blocks mayor's congestion plan

    But the people wouldn't be so unhappy with that law if they had a good public transportation system, i guess.
  11. NY blocks mayor's congestion plan

    Once again the oil lobby wins :sceptical: :angry:
  12. Flight misery at T5

    This is getting more and more ridiculous. I think the better options to solve this problem is to shutdown T5 till they fix the baggage system
  13. Where do you stand in politics?

    You should do it. A big step towards environmental protection is choosing the right gov
  14. Buying Local in a Recession

    I think the first consequence will be the increase in the number of poor people. Other consequence may be the collapsing of social security due the increasing number of people that need help
  15. Where do you stand in politics?

    So you don't vote on the elections?
  16. Where do you stand in politics?

    But don't you have an opinion about it?
  17. Organic coffee?

    loool The topic isn't exactly about organic coffee, is about the irony of people that buy organic coffee to protect the environment and drive an SUV
  18. Earth Hour 2008

    I don't know if a president would spend less money than a king. For example the Portuguese president spends more money than the king of Spain
  19. Earth Hour 2008

    The difference btw the before and the during is really big. I wonder how much tones of CO2 were saved that hour. Lool Why silly?
  20. Flight misery at T5

    Wow, no wonder they are having problems with the baggage system. That system is a completely mess, it looks pretty on the paper but will never work right on reality
  21. Flight misery at T5

    I haven't heard about that in the news either :thoughtful:. Maybe that's because they were more interested in the possibility of Mourinho becoming the new coach of Inter de Milao :sceptical:
  22. How Many Earths?

    In that case i would also do that :blink:
  23. No problem :). then tell me if you like it

  24. Salutations!

    Hi Mr Jolly and welcome to the forum
  25. Your green IQ (US only)

    I recently found this website , it will tell you how green you are! After doing the quiz share your results with us and then check our green tips and improve your results Too bad it only works for US