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  1. The White House's Real Explanation for Global Warming

    Dunno why people don't believe him? That seems a reasonable explanation :rolleyes:
  2. 10 signs you have gone way to green

    do you have a carbon footprint calculator?! :blink:
  3. Obama Berlin Speech

    Maybe when we gets to power he'll do what he promise :thoughtful:
  4. 10 signs you have gone way to green

    But they'll get pissed of and maybe they'll get the message
  5. Obama Berlin Speech

    If there was an election to elect the president of Europe he would win no matter what was the opponent :P
  6. Hi!

    How are you?

    I'm finally back, it took me longer to get online because of my internet connection.

  7. Hi!

    Tomorrow i'll go camping (again :P) and i'll be back on Friday.

    Cya in some days :)

  8. yard upkeep

    looks like you won't need to buy vegetables for a long time...
  9. yard upkeep

    You have all your backyard full of rhubarb? :o
  10. How Can We Make The War In Iraq More Eco-Friendly?

    Looool Their ideas are great!! Electrocuting testicles is really a waste of energy :sceptical: :rolleyes:
  11. White House tried to silence EPA on emissions

    Well they are the White House, unfortunately it seems they can get away from everything :(
  12. White House tried to silence EPA on emissions

    That really is a mature action. the white house is acting like a kid
  13. Airship will help the US coastguard to chase smugglers

    yeah but it isn't very discreet, with clear sky it could be easily spotted by smugglers
  14. White House tried to silence EPA on emissions

    The good thing is that bush will be out of there soon
  15. I am back

    aaa, thought it was some how related coz in the Wiki page they also talked about it
  16. Opera 9.5 is here

    Mine are a little lighter but i don't think they're ugly. Loool How did you found that?
  17. I am back

    Welcome back! are you talking about this ? Here at my city we also celebrate saint john's, but not like you in Sweden
  18. Opera 9.5 is here

    Just like mine, i kinda like the color
  19. Opera 9.5 is here

    I've downloaded the British version
  20. Opera 9.5 is here

    Have you downloaded the English version?
  21. Opera 9.5 is here

    I started using firefox 3 yesterday and i think it's great :thumbup: What folders?
  22. Chicobags

    It's not about if it seems a gay colour or not, i just don't like that purple
  23. Chicobags

    Actually i don't like that purple, i would prefer dark blue or black
  24. Any BSG fans here?

    But i bet it will worth waiting...
  25. Chicobags

    Yeah, they look great and practical, thought i don't like very much of the colours