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  1. Obrigado!!

    Tambem espero que estejas feliz:P

  2. Your views on the current Israeli aggression in Gaza

    I think that in this case Mike Tyson was the one that started the fight
  3. Your views on the current Israeli aggression in Gaza

    Some Israelis are so anti-Semitic :whistle: More...
  4. Your views on the current Israeli aggression in Gaza

    Even so i heard on the news that the leader of Hamas is in favor of negotiations Well if my country was occupied by another country i would want that the gov did what he could to stop the invasion.
  5. Your views on the current Israeli aggression in Gaza

    Never said that they had the right to murder anybody, but they have the right to defend themselves or not? Some people get over it better than others Not what i meant. I meant YOUR country not if you lived in Gaza
  6. Your views on the current Israeli aggression in Gaza

    You didn't get my point and you didn't answer to my question. First of all i didn't said that the Hamas has the right to destroy Israel, i only said one of the reasons why Palestinian don't like Israel. But i do think that what the British did after WW2 was wrong and that the Arabs have the right to be angry about it So what would you do if your country was occupied?
  7. Your views on the current Israeli aggression in Gaza

    They have a good reason to want that. That territory belongs to them since before the crusades, but a couple of centuries ago the British occupied them. So after WW2 the British, pressed by the Americans, gave the authority of those lands to the Jews. And this is how the Israel is born. So wouldn't you want to do the same if someone had occupied your country?
  8. what's you favorite song lyric?

    Yeah it's really hard to choose a fav song/lyric But here is one of my favourites: Monsato Hayride by The Adolescents Magic kingdom, right at Main Shattered link, food chain Tomorrowland in a plastic can Monsanto: your house of the future In a working class Alabama town Childhood leukemia found Mercury poisons the stream Monsanto Amber waves of greed Poison the well In greed we trust Against the grain Minnesota genocide Birth defects, pesticide Roundup spray, village green Monsanto Big business muscles flex Blind eyed FDA inspects Par for the course no one suspects Monsanto: your house of the future You'll seed your fields How we tell you to You'll feed your cows What we sell to you Inject growth hormone Into the seed you sow You'll eat and feed and seed But never know How far the tentacles reach From the greed that feeds inside How far the invasion sweeps Monsanto Grab your girl and climb aboard Monsanto hayride Plant the seed, breed the greed Plant the seed Monsanto brings Magic kingdom, right at Main Shattered link, food chain Tomorrowland in a plastic can Monsanto Close your eyes, ignore the lies Bastard's creed no one denies Systemic failure demands supply Monsanto: your house of the future You'll seal your fate How we want you to You'll feed your children Our frankenfood The future's now Reap what we sow Mutate the future And we'll watch you grow
  9. Free Streamed Music

    Other good streaming site is wolfgang's vault You have an huge number of live concerts from the 60's, 70's, 80's and some 90's
  10. Global Warming

    Hail communism and the Motherland o/ :D
  11. Eco-Friendly Tips for Colleage and University Students

    The only problem is that they would melt before they ever been used :D
  12. Hi

    Welcome to the forum, hope you have a great time around here:)
  13. Presidential Pardons

    Are you sure? The colour of the fur seems to homogeneous to be dirt :thoughtful:
  14. Presidential Pardons

    Not a polar bear at all, it seems more like a black bear ;)
  15. Presidential Pardons

    Peter Schmeichel is Danish
  16. Presidential Pardons

    Elvis is hide in a secret place (my basement) I've been hating Abba's music even more since the film was released, so i guess he should be considered the Antichrist-of-music, but not the real antichrist
  17. Presidential Pardons

    I think you are wrong in some things: There is more than one God and i know them all (they are my school colleagues), Jesus is also a cool guy (he lives near my house), and the antichrist is already here, he arrived last week from Sweden And now a few words by Epicurus:
  18. Solar Panels on Graves??

    Maybe the slop of the roofs can be an advantage to solar panels in northern regions, because of the earth's inclination...
  19. A Green Christmas

    Not really. To much energy is spent while the light are on. Besides x-mas lights also remember people that x-mas is near and that makes people buy, buy, buy, buy,buy,buy,buy,buy,buy and buy
  20. A Green Christmas

    Yeah, my x-mas gets a lot better when my parents send me put the x-mas lights on the top of the 4m tall tree i have on the garden :rolleyes:
  21. A Green Christmas

    And besides it's a waste of time and energy
  22. Left 4 Dead

    I just love Euro 49.99 dolars = 40.1386 euros
  23. Left 4 Dead

    Seems like an awesome game :)
  24. Fallout 3 is here!

    Don't play WOW!! I know a few guys that play it and they are like drug junkies: they only talk about that, they can't wait to get home to play it and they know more about that game than about themselves
  25. When you ride alone

    Great posters :)