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  1. Did Live Earth make a difference?

    Agree completly
  2. Energy revolution = money saved

    Agree, but we need to use these energy resources carefully. Hydraulic energy can be ussefull to the planet and at the same time bad for it because the constrution of dams can cause many damages to the enviroment
  3. Any BSG fans here?

    24 and lost are awesome
  4. Dolphins and whales need our help!!!

    Agree completly
  5. Any gamers on this forum?

    Never heard of lineage. Here in Portugal we ussually play Counter Strike
  6. A Picture is Worth... Gasoline Consumption Per Day

    This is incredible :huh:
  7. Could London Become Plastic Free?

    I think this is great law and should be applied to more countries and cities
  8. Video: The Convenient Solution

    It is a great movie. It show as that people era more interested in oil than save the planet
  9. 7 steps towards energy saving

    When you receive your e-mails you will notice that the tips are very simple and efficient
  10. 7 steps towards energy saving

    Next week i will receive the e-mail with the setp number 7. I can't wait to know what it is
  11. Anyone here planning on upgrading to Windows Vista?

    I think in 4 years will exist a new OS of Microsoft.
  12. Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, i'm only_green_no_gray, i'm 16 and i'm from Portugal
  13. The 11th Hour

    Yes indeed. It will probably make some waves
  14. Anyone here planning on upgrading to Windows Vista?

    I will start use vista after buying a new computer