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  1. What's the best TV show of the decade 2000-09?

    yeah i used to watch it too though i also like the american one
  2. Should We Have Fewer Children to Save the Planet?

    Some people really have too much money and too much free time
  3. in the beginning i thought he was being ironic or something, but then i realized he really meant what he was saying. I really hope he doesn't have any kids
  4. Abortions

    Yeah, here in portugal the law says women can only do an abortion till the 10th week Welcome to the forum Janji :)
  5. Will you go to Copenhagen this December?

    I wish i could go, maybe next time
  6. hi. she will arrive tomorrow :)

  7. Music Videos (2)

    Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song
  8. Drive Smart – Gas Saving Alternatives

    Yeah i remember that too :thumbup: hahaha that would be funny to see
  9. Drive Smart – Gas Saving Alternatives

    You should empty the car's tires...
  10. What is worth more? A human or one mp3 file?

    At 80000$ i'd expect they gave me all their cd's and tickets to their concerts
  11. glad to have found you all!

    Welcome to the forum, have a good time
  12. Less Plastic? Really, SanDisk?

    well it's an improvement if you think that usually only come one pen drive instead of 3 on the same amount of plastic :halo:
  13. Will we use magnet powered vehicles in the future?

    Seems like a good solution ;)
  14. Music Videos (2)

    Cynic - Evolutionary sleeper