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  • Interests As the World is a fitting stage and we are merely playing our roles.I have discovered that promoting Sustainability and Green culture is my role here.Join with me,connect,idea-te and lets make the world Green. Promote Sustainability .. Promote Healthy Earth !!
  1. Sustainable-Sphere

    Hey Green Champions, I am a fellow Green and Sustainability aspirant. I have been blogging about Environment,Green Management and Green Careers for over a year now.I now find myself deeply engrossed in this domain. Its inspiring to witness the Green Revolution that is taking place at a descent pace worldwide. I am trying to play my part by educating the community to which I belong. Hence, Green-Blog is one such platform which I will be using to connect,inspire and propagate this New found knowledge and energy. Join with me ... Be friends and Lets make this World a better place for all of us. Regards Amit Ganguly
    1. Ana


      Really cool your post! I also have a blog with some green tips. Check it out!