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  1. An Inconvenient Truth

    It was a great movie and I suggest everyone who didn't watch it to go ahead and get it anyway you can! You can learn something good from it.
  2. Green your dog!

    Just another way to go green! I don't have a dog anymore but I'll check that Myspace profile out.
  3. Portal Kick Ass!

    The video looks pretty good along with that song.
  4. Fav blog?

    Wordpress is my favorite and I personally I think it's really easy to manage and run your blog with it. Plus it's free!
  5. With the new release of PHPBB, I certainly don't think there is really a need to. It does make your site valued higher with a forum software that you have purchased.
  6. I am going to start using Vista as soon as I get my new laptop! Hopefully it's great and runs well with it.