Soccer, good energy PR, Representing the Stars and Bars and PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

Soccer in Spain is kind of a big deal. Rivalries here are pretty huge, Real Madrid vs. Barcelona is like Yankees vs. Red Sox but with more Catalunyan separatist pride, so it's a much more political statement here. As I've been trying to get into Spanish culture I've been watching a bunch of matches and I can't help but notice the shear amount of energy related advertisements on the side lines. I have seen solar power company ads and ads encouraging people to turn down their thermostats. That's a pretty powerful message to have where everyone can see it.

I hear PETA tried to get a Go Veg ad to air during the Super Bowl but it was pulled due to highly sexual content. Feelings towards PETA and objectification of women aside, the idea of having a Go Veg ad during the most watched sporting event in the US is pretty cool. I doubt many fans would put down their hotdog, but it could get people thinking more about it. When people start thinking about what they're eating, that's when they start cutting down on meat. After all there are a bunch of good reasons, and the idea of eating meat is a little creepy.

Warch the Go Veg advertisement below:

'Veggie Love': PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

I saw a piece of graffiti here that illustrated the example nicely it said (translated): To eat meat is to eat death, your body is a cemetery


Representing the Stars and Bars

I have just finished my first week of classes at Universidad de Salamanca where I am studying environmental sciences for the semester. My eco-classes are:

Air Pollution

Sustainable Agriculture

Sociology of Ecology

and Forest Defense Techniques

It promises to be interesting. My Sustainable Agriculture class seems like it'll be pretty much "The Omnivore's Dilemma" but as a class. Which is great since I loved the book.

The Air Pollution class promises to be interesting as the professor talks a lot about how cars are evil and how we have a whooooooole lot of them in the US. As I'm the only American in the class, a lot of heads turn to me.

Oh the USA, so beloved in the world.

The first thing people ask me when I tell them I'm from the US is "so you really like Hamburgers right?" They seemed shocked that there is such a thing as an American Vegetarian

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Guest Watch Live Soccer

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In the world of public policy, this is a huge swing and, as the Journal notes, could well represent a change in policymaking for years to come.

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