Plants and Water: What we should do

During the last decades, the byproducts of humanity's activities have altered most of the earth's characteristics. As a concequence, many sources that used to exist in large quantities now face depletion.

Two of the most famous of such sources are oxygen and water.To begin with oxygen, it is highly connected with forests and their mass deforestration. Whenever a law tries to protect them, fires are set up. Concequently, we have the greenhouse effect, which is the increase of gasses such as carbon dioxide at the earth's atmosphere, reducing the oxygen and increasing temperature. Water is a huge problem too, heading to a great worsening. Fresh water is highly polluted and wasted for no good reason on daily basis. Therefore, it becomes less and less every day.

So we need to take measures. Everybody can contribute to tackle both problems. Besides the usual tips like careful use of water, it's vital that all houses, especially at the city centre, have lots of plants,in the gardens, at balconies, on terraces. In this way much of the emissions of carbon dioxide are taken away by the plants to produce oxygen. But having plants means bigger consumption of water, which we also want to save, so what do we do?

Fortunately there are plants that need little water.Those usually have small and narrow leaves,and don't produce much oxygen( for example cactuses). So the trick is to have plants that have as wide leaves as possible, in combination with needing little water. Such plants are different from country to country, so we have to visit a good flowershop and get informed of which ones to choose.

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Guest Richard Boyd

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Great blog and some interesting posts. You might be interested in a post on our website which looks at using plants to detoxify air pollutants. Be really interested to see another slant on the post there is a link to the reference source. Keep up the good work.

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