Water cooled server cabinet system

Using a water cooling system for your personal computer has been around for a while. But it isn’t until recently that you can cool down your servers using water. Panduit Corp recently released a new Net-Access Server Cabinet System that features IBM's Rear Door Heat Exchanger Water-Cooling Technology. It is basically a five-inch deep cooling door that uses chilled water to dissipate heat generated from the servers. This can easily reduce server heat output by up to 55%.

Gartner recently released a report that says that water can carry, unbelievable, 3500 times more hear than air at sea level. This can considerably improve the temperature of data centres with more cooling efficiency.

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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest SandraMillhouse

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That's new to me. I never thought we can use water to cool our servers. I really need to learn more about this system. Do you think it's worth the hassle? It's quite expensive but i think that money can be a good investment considering that we won't have any burned servers.

Sandra Millhouse | cheap virtual server

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Guest trexapb

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Very cool! I am glad that some progress is being made in the computer world. I may have to write about this on my site! Thanks! -Owner of greenmowers.org

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