The Nokia Eco Sensor Concept

Nokia Eco Concept

Nokia seems to be trying hard to gain the top green spot among mobile developers these days. For example, they recently released 3110 Evolve, an eco-friendly mobile phone. And now they are trying to introduce another gadget that will help us "reduce our environmental footprint" called the Eco Sensor Concept.

The Eco Sensor concept is made up of two parts – a wearable sensor unit and a dedicated mobile phone.

The sensor unit will be able to "sense and analyze your environment, health, and local weather conditions." This sensor unit will be powered by solar cells placed on a special neck strap.

The mobile phone will be able to "share the environmental data your sensing device collects and view other users' shared data, thereby increasing your global environmental awareness." The mobile phone will use recycled materials such as plant based plastics and 100% recycled steel for its casing. It will also have an OLED screen to reduce power usage and probably also feature solar powered battery as well.

But Nokia is also investigating the possibilities to use other alternative energy sources such as kinetic, meaning: energy derived from motion.

"Reduce, reuse and recycle – the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept is built upon all three of these underlying principles of waste reduction. Emphasis will be placed on materials use and reuse in the phone’s construction.

To complete the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept, the phone and detector units will be optimized for lower energy consumption than phones in 2007 in both the manufacturing process and use. Alternative energy sources, such as solar power, will fuel the sensor unit’s power usage. Thus, we aim to create a self-powered sensing device to reduce dependence on external, non-renewable energy sources."

But don’t get to crazy about this. It’s still a concept so we will all have to wait and see if it will eventually become a reality.

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