Solar Charger for your iPod

Boblbee - Solar Charger for your iPodBoblbee, the iPod solar charger from Dododi in Japan is not only green and cool. It is also shock proof and water proof which is great when you are “out in the field” doing some dirty work or just hiking in the mountains. Heck, you can even just use it in your window at home.

Another good design aspect is that this solar charger has rounded panels. That means you can charge your iPod out in the sun the whole day long without moving it around.

Sounds great? Yes it really does. There is just one problem. The solar charger is only sold in Japan and I have no idea what kind of shipping and price it has. The translated version is kind of funny to read. Anyone from Japan that can help!?

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Simon Leufstedt
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A great option for small electrical devices. I haven't come across this product on the net...I only hope it comes to the US soon!

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