SimpleTech [re]Drive: Bamboo External Hard Drive

SimpleTech [re]Drive: Bamboo External Hard Drive

The [re]Drive from SimpleTech is an eco-friendly external hard drive that would look great by the side of the new Studio Hybrid from Dell, or by any computer for that matter.

The [re]Drive is Energy Star Level 4 qualified and uses 30% less energy than other non Energy Star drives. The external hard drive is made and designed using recyclable aluminium and bamboo. According to the makers the packaging also comes from recyclable materials.

The external hard drive automatically powers on or off with your computer. It offers 500GB of storage capacity and 2GB free online. It works on both Macs and PCs and costs from around $200.

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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest kyle

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hey, there is a different site that i found talking about different uses of bamboo's and that really makes me interest, if u want to know u u can visit this site also. check it so that u will know more about this.

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