Post A Phone

Post A Phone

Post A Phone is a 4mm thick phone made out of recyclable card or plastic. It is designed by Priestman Goode and I love it.

The Post A Phone is intended to be a backup phone when all your other more high tech solutions have failed. The phone fits inside an A5 envelope and can be sent via regular post (yes, the snail mail).

I am not so sure how it is in your country but here in Sweden most people uses IP telephones and/or mobile phones. It’s rare that people only use a ordinary (and old) landline. I personally use Skype and my mobile phone when I am outside or not next to a computer. The Post A Phone would be perfect for those times when the Internet breaks down and when you don’t want to waste money on expensive mobile calls.

So when will the phone, sorry, the Post A Phone come to Sweden?

Almost all of the voip companies are certainly enjoying themselves right now. The reason being the upsurge in popularity as well as necessity of internet phones. Earlier skype download was something very few people knew about, and even fewer attempted. Today a voip client seeks each and every feature he wishes to have. Companies like vonage are providing customized services.

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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest A Dawn Journal

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I was looking for green blog sites for my readers and stumbled upon your site. Keep up the good work and definitely I will mention it in my upcoming post. Thanks.

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Now that is a slick idea. Don't you just love how technology keeps making things smaller and smaller, and now you can just "mail" a phone. Love it Robert

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