Nokia loses its top spot in the Greener Electronics Guide from Greenpeace

Today Greenpeace released its latest version of their Guide to Greener Electronics. In this version they added TV and game console makers. Before we check out the changes from last version lets see how some of the newly added companies rank in the Guide.

Nintendo, one of the new companies, has become the first company to score zero points out of max ten, not a good start for a company that mainly has children as their target group. Microsoft does a little better than Nintendo, about 2.7 points better. Another low-scorer is Philips, the TV maker, who only scores two points.

So, has anything changed for the companies in the top spot since last update? Well, yes, and some pretty dramatic changes as well.

Nokia has lost its first place and has fallen long and hard down to a ninth position and replaces Motorola who drops even lower down to a fourteenth place. Sony Ericsson replaces Nokia with 7.7 points and becomes the new “green†leader.

According to Greenpeace Nokia lost its top position after Nokia representatives in the Philippines, Thailand, Argentina, Russia and India weren't informed about the takeback and environment programmes, in several cases they provided "misleading information".

Iza Kruszewska, toxics campaigner at Greenpeace International, says that "companies shouldn't be under any illusions that we won't check up on their claims of green greatness".

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Greenpeace responds: Nintendo ranking creates a stir

Last week we published our latest Guide to Greener electronics with new companies added - Microsoft, Sharp, Philips and Nintendo. Nintendo being new and coming our bottom with 0/10 certainly made the biggest splash with many big news sites, tech blogs and gaming websites picking up the story. This made for some amusing headlines on several gaming sites. However there was also criticism from some technology sites (Arstechnica, BoingBoing, Guardian) and several angry emails from the public, mainly focussing on Nintendo getting 0/10. Here I'll address some of the common points raised in detail, this from BoingBoing and lots of other blogs and several emails

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