iYo YoYo - The yo-yo charger for your iPhone and iPod

iYo YoYo

Swedish designer Peter Thuvander has come up with the iYo YoYo, a nifty green alternative way to charge your iPhone or iPod.

"To celebrate my new Iphone and the fact that darkness is looming over me. I´ve done this: An induction powered yoyocharger for Apple.

And since solarchargers don't work at night or in Sweden half the year, this should be a smash hit."

Thanks to a small Li-ion battery inside the yo-yo you build up a charge while you play with the iYo YoYo. Afterwards you can just plug in your iPod or iPhone and it will be charged.

Watch the video:

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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest Jonas Blake

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The real question with this gadget is if it is going to use more energy to produce then it will generate in its useful life. I am betting not. This is just another example of people using the "Green" idea to sell a wasteful, landfill-bound product. And besides, who really wants to yo-yo that much?

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