GreenHeart: Sony Ericsson's Eco-Friendly Phone

Sony Ericsson recently released a new eco-friendly concept phone called the GreenHeart. According to Sony Ericsson the phone is made from bio-plastic housings, recycled plastic keypads and will come with an "environmentally conscious packaging" (see the picture to the right). The phone will have a zero charger with 3.5mW standby power. The manuals to the phone will no longer be printed on paper and will instead be offered as HTML based e-manuals that you can read on your computer. With the phone Sony Ericsson also wants to ship a game style educational application called "Ecomate".

GreenHeart is still just a concept. So there are really no guarantees that this version of GreenHeart will be the one that finally gets released to the market.

"This concept has been shared with a few selected partners in the industry, whose response has been extremely positive. Sony Ericsson will therefore take this concept and initiate a two-way conversation with customers on what features they believe should be implemented in future phones and in what priority."

You can also take a look at Nokia's more futuristic-looking eco-friendly phone concept, or their 3110 Evolve, an eco-friendly phone that you can actually buy now.

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Guest Make your own windmill

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Hah, that's a really nice move from Sony Ericsson. However, Nokia doesn't have a "green" phone does it?

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Guest Sony Mobile Phones

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Great post. This seems to be a great phone, I am going to have to write a review of it on my site. Love your blog, very informative, pass by when you have got the time to my site and tell me what you think. Have a wonderful day!

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