Wind power in Spain breaks all records

Wind power in Spain breaks all recordsA Greenpeace campaigner from Spain has reported that wind power have broken all previous records in Spain.

A total of 13908 MW in wind capacity have been built in Spain. And because of good wind conditions wind energy in Spain reached 9563 MW of generated power. "Wind power met 25% of demand at that hour, well above coal (15%) and nuclear (16%). A new record may be expected today."

As more investments is being re-directed from the fossil market to the renewable market and new technologies and improvements sprung up we will surely see more records and improvements in the efficiency of for example wind energy.

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Guest Anthony Green

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Indeed, record numbers of endangered birds of prey and other vital flying components of the ecosystem have been massacred for being unable to adapt to blades travelling at high speed in their natural habitat. "Green" restaurateurs are worried that supplies of Chopped vulture (a common freely available delicacy in the last ten years) will soon be drying up. Meanwhile populations of that most adaptable of species, the delectable Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus) in areas around industrial wind installations have also reached record numbers [shurely no connection??? Ed.] Come on, guys, get real: wind power is a devastatingly destructive industrial eyesore dressed up by dishonest corporations as an environmental advantage, but which in reality as well as destroying the natural balance does nothing at all to address either human greed or global warming, the two main issues here.

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