Sweden's largest wind farm gets its first approval

Off-shore Wind Farm TurbineSweden has approved Universal Wind Offshore’s plans to construct Scandinavia's largest offshore wind farm.

The wind farm will be built in the Kattegatt strait about 30 kilometres off Sweden's southwestern coast and cover an area of about 60 square kilometres. Once completed the wind farm will be one of the largest in Europe.

The wind farm will consist of a maximum of 108 wind turbines with a height of 200 metres and a capacity of 860 megawatts (MW). The wind farm is expected to produce three terawatt hours (TWH) a year and will double the Swedish wind power output.

But there is still a long way to go until completion.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency will first carry out an extensive study to determine whether marine life in the area would be affected by the project. They will also work with Universal Wind Offshore to decide where each of the 108 wind turbines will be placed. A government proposal will also need to be accepted by the parliament early next year before the projects gets a "real" go-ahead.

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Guest act developpement

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EUROPEAN WIND DAY, 15 JUNE - ACROSS EUROPE Join us and discover unlimited power during the European Wind Day 2008. On 15 June, across European regions and cities, you can participate in a vast range of events taking place simultaneously. This is your chance to learn more about wind energy, and support one of the main solutions for the looming climate and energy crisis. The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), organiser of the event, believes that European citizens should have the chance to make their voices heard in today’s energy game. On the wake of last year’s success, the European Wind Day 2008 offers you the possibility to discover how wind turbines work, how much energy wind can deliver in Europe, and many more fascinating facts about this clean and infinite source of energy. You can participate in family days and wind farm openings all over Europe, conferences and public debates, contests and races, and many more activities all with the same theme: wind energy.

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Guest Steve Barker

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Hi act developpement We will be popping along to our local wind farm - link below http://www.burtonwoldwindfarm.com/ We watched them build the windfarm, and walked along the public footpath that crosses the area so as to get a good view. Now its complete it always cheers me up when I see the blades going round when I'm going to and from work.

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