Sweden to build Europe's largest wind farm

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Sweden might be the host for Europe’s largest wind farm if the Swedish government approves the proposed plans. The wind farm will be located in Markbygden near Piteå in northern Sweden and will have a total of 1,101 wind turbines.

"This would be Europe's, if not the world's, biggest wind farm," Caj Noren, a spokesman for the board, told AFP. Construction could begin in two-and-a-half years and would be completed after about a decade, Noren said.

Once constructed the wind farm will produce between 8 to 12 terawatt hours per year and would alone meet Sweden’s national wind power target to reach 10 terawatt hours by 2015. The wind farm is expected to cost about 55 billion Swedish Kronor (around $6.9 billion or €4.5 billion) to construct.

The Swedish right-wing government recently announced that they will reverse a nearly 30-year-old ban on building nuclear power plants. Its madness when we can get cheap, clean renewable energy and at the same time create thousands of new jobs from wind farms like this one.

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So if everyone in the US put up a small wind turbine and a solar panel what would that be equal to. lets do some math. 300,000,000 people / 3 = 100,000,000 homes * 1000 watts = 1 terawatt. I live in Riesel Tx. They are building the largest Coal fire power plant in the US right next door. 900 Kilowatt. I walk out my front door and I can see the smoke stack. Since the permit was issued to build that plant I have put up 1 wind turbine. It runs my lights and my computers in my home. We have started a company the will teach people what they can do to help stop the production of coal power. Stop using so much Grid power. please visit our site and have a look around. Tell me what you think.

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Hi, I am Elisa (Iedro volunteer). We like your blog! would you like to volunteer with us ? I am aware that you have your own blog, but I was wondering if you were maybe willing to have your articles posted on our website too, or to feature each other sites. Surely if you share our view and cause, which seems the case though..If you can suggest other ways to cooperate, we ll be glad to hear it!For the conversation to be easier,feel free to write to email@iedro.org

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