Are you currently hosted on a "green" web host?

That has been the question of the past week and here are the results:

  • Yes! (44%)
  • No, but I will soon. (33%)
  • I am not sure? (22%)
  • No! (0%)

Surprisingly a rather large part of our visitors (voters) are already hosted on a green web host. That makes us happy. But what makes us happier is that 33% will soon go green. It’s good to see that things are moving and people are realising that you can green every aspect of your life.

22% of the votes where from people who don’t know if they are hosted on a green host or not. I personally believe people voted on this one even though they are pretty confident in that they are not hosted on a green server.

Here comes a short explanation what a green web host is:

Green web hosts are hosting companies that power their servers with renewable energy such as wind and solar power or offers carbon offsetting by buying green tags or RECs.

The new poll question is: Would you vote for Al Gore in the (USA) presidential election 2008?

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Simon Leufstedt
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