Schwarzenegger’s State of the State Address

Schwarzenegger’s State of the State AddressHere is a short summary of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s State of the State Address, which he made in January 8, 2008. You can read the whole speech over at Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his speech, pushes for more dams to be built and repeating his promise to sue the Bush Administration for stopping California to get their "clean-car" standards to take effect.

Likewise, on infrastructure, I will continue to push for action. We have a water system built decades ago for 18 million people.

Today we have 37 million people. In 20 years, we will have 50 million people. We have to get going.

Already homes and businesses are facing mandatory cutbacks. Farms are unable to irrigate crops. Building permits are being denied.

And yet raging flood waters run wasted into the sea because they can’t be captured. We must expand water storage. We must build new water delivery systems. We must fix the Delta and restore its ecosystem.

We will also continue to make California the world’s environmental leader.

We are leading on climate change, low carbon fuels, energy efficiency - and on clean, green technology. When it comes to cleaning our air, preserving our oceans, protecting our environment, California will continue to be the foremost advocate for change.

And if we have to sue the federal government to get out of our way, we will do so.

Bill Magavern, senior Representative of Sierra Club California, gives his perspective and views of the speech over at

While we had hoped that Governor Schwarzenegger would use the State of the State to roll out important new programs regarding green chemistry and better fire planning, the speech was largely devoid of details.

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